Before getting along with ‘Where are the dreams’ series, I wanted to write a special blog. So that’s why I’m writing this random blog titled ‘Rhythm’.

It’s been a few days ago when I created this blog called Bittermarshmellos on WordPress and within a week, I just figured out a point in blogging. I pondered over it for a while and it drove me to write my observations in the form of a post. So here I am!

After posting my first article, I sent its link to all my contacts and said ‘Please visit and share’. I also posted it on my other social networks and wrote the same caption that ‘Please visit and share my blog’.

But what does it mean?

Why people should visit my blog and share it? I chewed these perplexing questions again and again in my mind and asked myself- Do I want traffic on my blog? Do I want maximum views and visitor numbers on my blog?

But my mind didn’t agree with either. Deliberately, my inner mind just wants only one thing-

To change the thinking of the people of this residence.

But I just realized that it can’t be!

People can’t change their thinking, their thoughts, their analogs. Neither any blogs nor any videos could change them.

I’ve posted 3 articles in my ‘Where are the dreams?’ series yet and I received a lot of feedback from my friends and relatives. One of my friends gave me a feedback: ‘Well done bro, impressively written, keep it up.’ But on the next day, he asked me a question- “So when you’re doing IELTS?”

And I was like… What the f*ck that is?…..It totally blew up my mind for a while!

Does it make any sense? Does it?……….

After that, I precisely pointed out that there’s no reason to send the links of my articles to my friends because they aren’t even reading them! Not even my friends, but my family, people, relatives..nobody is actually reading. The people just visit on the link, pretend to read, then forward the link, then give me the fake nice feedback. Thus, nothing has changed….nothing.

It’s like a perfect rhythm they are chained to. Aren’t they?

And I am also the part of that Rhythm. I generate the link, then the Rhythm is initiated. Then the people start visiting the link, read one or two lines superficially, forward it. In the end, I receive a nice feedback from them which is from just outside.

So, in a systematic order, it is like – Visit – Read – Forward – Feedback

This experience certainly taught me a thing –

We can’t change people’s thinking forcefully by any means. This is upto them, either they want to change their thoughts or not. We can’t enter into their minds, this is their choice, their will,….to allow someone to enter in their hearts and heads.

Bloggers will be keep on blogging.

Motivational speakers will be keep on motivating.

The sages will be keep on giving wisdom.

Until the world ends.

And this rule will also be true that…. “You can’t change someone’s thinking by enforcement.”

Until the world ends.

But I wouldn’t stop blogging, even after knowing this. I will write. I will write about everything. I will write about my life, my stories. In a hope that someday my articles, my words on Bittermarshmellos will produce a YOUTHQUAKE.

Now I won’t write to any of my friend or relative that ‘Please visit and share my blog’ and urge them to read my words because they’re just not the right audience. I will keep up my efforts though.

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for the upcoming post of ‘Where are the dreams’ series.

B. M.



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