Relationships & Breakups (WARNINGS!)

The key point is that if you keep doubts in your mind, nothing can be achieved. Your one leg is in one boat and the other is in other. Being like this, you can never cross the ocean. If you really are afraid, then don't say yes again. Things become complicated when you are bipolar that is, you are saying a different thing to the other person, but there's a different story going on inside your heart.

Relationships & Breakups (QUEST)

This is so simple. You do not need to search. You do not need to quest. You do not enter the phrases like 'how to maintain the relationship' in your Google bar. You do not need to remind the rules. You do not need to mix it with artificiality. You do not need to change anything.

Relationships & Breakups (SUPERFICIAL RESPECT)

"Superficial respect" means, respect from outside. Suppose you respect a man superficially. When you are in person with him, you regard him and honor him a lot. But you criticize him on his back. You backbite about him and possibly you bitch him.