Relationships & Break ups

After the sharp criticism of IELTS, I turned my focus to a different direction of the other aspect of life. But before to start, I want to share the story of my blog with you.

When I started this blog, I didn’t know that I’m literally starting this. Actually, I created this in frustration, and that frustration is due to the IELTS exam. Everyone in my surroundings was doing IELTS and was forcing me to do the same. But I had some unlike viewpoints regarding IELTS. Due to continuous peer pressure, I become too much irritated and frustrated and finally, in overloaded vexation, I grabbed my phone and packed the WordPress app from play store and within 5 minutes, I picked the name of the blog, then created the logo, selected the theme and run the storm of IELTS satire eventually on a normal evening. That’s how my blog has created. Honestly, I didn’t know anything that what will I write on my blog, how will I develop my own style of writing, things like that. All I had was just feelings of frustration. I just wanted to vent out them and I did exactly.

But now, the level is up and I have to think broadly as I don’t wanna leave the blogging. I’m enjoying it pretty much and want to write more! But the question is,

Where to start from ? 🤔…..

Generally speaking, It’s a challenging task to start up with a new idea with new concepts in blogging. Every single blogger faces this problem. Several times he has a lack of ideas for his blog. But the most giant source of ideas is……… Our own Life.

Past experiences of life are the best ideas to write anything. No matter they’re good, no matter they’re bad, but they are experiences. Probably the broadest aspect of life!

Being a human, I have also a lot of past experiences. A blend of good ones and bad ones. One of my recent past experience is ‘My first relationship’. Though within 3 months, it broke up. But that 3 months was so spectacular and adventurous for me. I’ve learned a lot of things from my first relationship but unfortunately, it lasted only for a few months.

But what were the reasons behind the breakup??…

More broadly, What are the reasons behind breakups? Why breakups occur?

This is the BitterMarshmellos’ next series.


Normally, hardly 1 out of 10 relationships become successful and bear sweet fruit in the end. Thus, only 10% of relationships are successful. This is probably the flabbergasting and awful figure for the youth. The point is, where they fall flat and what mistakes do they do in the relationships?

Presumably, they do a lot of. Of course to err is human but the matter is that they do not realize their mistakes, which is the biggest mistake they do. Instead of this, they blame each other for their tiny-tiny mistakes. This shows the level of their understanding. Just a little mistake can make a huge impact and a huge mistake can make no impact on the relation. This depends on the level of understanding. Little-little errors cause frustration and frustration produce anger, then anger breaks the bond you consider as the strongest of your life in seconds. I will try to point out these slips as many as I could and will try to help people to build stronger relationships and improve the success rates.

What do you think that what is the greatest reason of break ups ?

Please write in the comments.

And stay tuned with BitterMarshmellos for the upcoming series!

Thank you!

B. M.

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