Relationships & Breakups (COMPARING)

In the previous post, we saw that how Virtuality affects the relationships. So now we can move onto next points that are:-

Lack of understanding, carelessness, anger, egotism, jealousy, being too much possessive, misunderstandings, the contradiction in thinking, different point of views, arguments, and a lot more tiny errors.

So let’s solve out this complicated puzzle in Marshmello style.

Yes… finally in Marshmello style… 😁😁🎤🎤😍…

Yaahh !!!!! 👏👏👏🤘



But wait!!…✋

Wait wait wait!… ✋✋

We forgot something!

Another species!

Might be more harmful than the given list.

Guess what is it??!!…

Okay, I’ll tell.

I discovered this species yesterday evening and it can’t be ignored in any way. The name of the species is, when we buy something, when we shop, and when we got troubled in two products…….Remember??… Sharp readers have already be got that!

That is…


Yes, the Comparing. We compare a lot of things, even our life with others. Our situations with the others, our talents with the others. So the Comparing between the two products is quite obvious. Many people do comparing all the time. All the time, they do Comparing and Comparing and only Comparing. But how could Comparing affect the relations??….🤔🤔


Every time you compare yourself with the other person, you become unsatisfied with yourself and it thrusts the hate with yourself. Probably it is unsurprising that many lovers also do compare each other in the relationship. They compare hobbies, interests, thinking, thoughts, choices and a lot more. Such lovers’ myth is that everything should be matched for a successful relationship.” Though it’s not at all true. Or the other type of hearts has a myth that “At least 50% things should be matched and furthermore, 50% things should be different in the couples for a perfect relationship.” I think some researches also say the same thing. And again, this is only a myth. Not a truth. These type of sticky thoughts act as a scale in their heads. They just forget about true love then and walk according to the scale. Moreover, take decisions according to the scale also. As a result, being in the relationship, their bond becomes weak due to these beliefs.

In reality, it isn’t necessary to be matched anything! My best friend Aish has such a beautiful thought about this :

Thinking, hobbies, Interests, point of views, choices, these things are different in each and every person. Everyone has freedom of thinking and perspectives. This is apparent to everyone!

I like her because of her such beautiful thoughts. You can check out her blog here.

But unfortunately, it isn’t apparent to everyone. Not everyone can think like Aish.

Extending her this thought, I would like to say that, these things don’t ever matter in relationships. You could be totally opposite to each other in all the aspects. You could be totally the same. Or you could be partial in the things. But your feelings matter more rather to find the Similarities in each other. In other words, love doesn’t see these things. It happens just in its own style.

One more aspect of the same thing is that in some cases, they feel jealous with each other as one’s thinking is of high-level or one’s interests are expensive. It happens!!……

So, when you are in the relationship, avoid these myths and beliefs. Stop to think that 50% should be matched. Just take it as love. Keep it simple, keep it real. Don’t vex yourself with these kinda thoughts and stop seeing those ins…….. Ssssshhhhh🤐🤐🤐…

Stop stop stop!!!

This is for the next post!… 😬

Okay, we’ll talk in the next post, the other neglected reason!!

Thank you for your love for Bittermarshmellos.

Have a nice day!!.😊

B. M.

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