Relationships & Breakups (SUPERFICIAL RESPECT)

I’m discovering the unexplored species harming the relationships which have never ever explained before.

I discovered this one species yesterday evening and it can’t be ignored in any way. The name of the species is, what we usually practice for our own needs with other people, what we do to show us as an indulgent person before the whole world. Sharp readers have already be got that.

That is,

S U P E R F I C I A L   R E S P E C T

What is Superficial by the way ?…!🤔

Just from outside involved, not deeply from inside of the heart.

Okay. Please continue…

So “Superficial respect” means, respect from outside. Suppose you respect a man superficially. When you are in person with him, you regard him and honor him a lot. But you criticize him on his back. You backbite about him and possibly you bitch him. You respect him because you want something from him. You respect him, just to fulfill your own needs.

The above passage is the basic standard of Superficial respect but I’m going with its another phase more complicated and deeper apart from the basic version.

Our theme is ‘Relationships & Breakups’. Superficial respect also occurs in relationships. But, in a slightly different way.

Consider a relationship of two young lovers. Despite the Virtuality, they communicate with each other in reality. Neither they have any Instagram craze nor they do comparing. Now, consider the boy as a convict for Superficial respect. He admires the girl so much. His heart is totally devoted to her. But somewhere in his heart, he doesn’t respect her that much it supposed to be. In this case, he does not want anything from her. Neither he has any needs to be fulfilled.

Then what’s the matter??….😕

Superficial respect is of further two types: First is above as I discussed. The other type occurs when there’s any virtue or characteristic in a girl (in this case), which the boy does not like to be there. It may be about thinking, perspectives, hobbies or opinions or sometimes about the profession. Taking it to the next level, If the parents of the girl own such type of quality which is not liked by the boy, the second kind comes into the action regarding this.

Now suppose that the girl is a worrier, that she worries about every single thing in their relationship but the boy does not like these type of girls. Though he likes her so much regarding other brilliant qualities of her, but because of this single characteristic, he slips off. However, he does not show his conflict before the girl, but in his inside, the seed of it is sprouting.

One other thing about this type of respect is that, unlike the first type of Superficial respect, it is never discussed with third person. Only he alone knows that he’s respecting her from outside.

Nevertheless, they talk to each other same as they used to. But being in a relationship, whatever is in your heart for each other, certainly affects your bond. The boy never wants to break up, the girl never wants to break up. But unintentionally, their relationship is fading slowly and at some point, they break up eventually.


In the above case, there were two main reasons for breakup:

• Superficial respect.

• Arrogant thinking of the boy. (Because he was so strongly leashed with his thoughts).

Actually, arrogant thinking is directly proportional to the fake respect. The more the arrogant nature, the more is artificial respect because the thinking is non-flexible with respect to the perspectives to see the things. This is clear that everything doesn’t seem right from one point of view only.

In the end, I would like to say about the above example that they were not in love with each other indeed…because if they really would, then the seed of Superficial respect wouldn’t be sprouted in her partner’s heart. Love is 100% natural and pure. It happens in its own style. Do not try to change the fashion of nature. Else, you’re supposed to pay the high price.

Keep it real!

Keep it simple!

NOTE: Superficial respect is a very critical point to be explained. I tried my best to make you understand this. It could be explained in a much better way than this.

Thank you so much!

Stay updated for further posts!

Have a lovely day everyone!

B. M.


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