Relationships & Breakups (LIMIT X ➡️ 0)

Limit X ➡️ 0

What does it mean? 😳

Means……The value of X is Zero.😊

What rubbish you are up to today ??…😤

This is not the rubbish actually. This is our mathematical species discovered yesterday evening.

Aaahh……. Okay. Okay. By the way, you discover all the species in the evenings ??…😂😂

Yes actually. I’ve been on the breakups lane at sunset in general 😌

Better. Now, what is your explanation today??..

Today my topic is Limit X ➡️ 0. It seems like the standard condition of problems in differentiation in mathematics. But it isn’t here……..

Regarding our topic, which is Relationships & Breakups, the meaning of the given condition is totally uplifted to a different air. This species is not at all complicated though it seems so to you. The core is obvious as it could be figured out in the letter, that is “Limit”. Limit means, to limit something or someone to Zero regarding a reason that is X. The simplest definition is “To stop someone to do any particular thing.” Or more simply, “To put restrictions on someone.”

I think the main root is almost clear to all of you about what I’m discussing. Yes….. that is “To limit each other being in the relationship.”

Many people think that they can fully control their partner in every aspect as they own them. But it isn’t true. A relationship doesn’t mean to own each other’s individual liberty. Being together, their choices, hobbies, and lifestyle are different from each other. Individual freedom shouldn’t be affected in the relationship. Like as if a girl does like to wear short dresses and his man does not like to watch her in short, he shouldn’t argue with her that she shouldn’t wear that clothes because this isn’t his choice. Also, the girl shouldn’t stop to wear her favorite dresses even, because it’s her individual freedom. It is more general in the couple who either are uneducated or being educated have lack of sense and understanding. If either of them put limits and restrictions on the other, the frustration occurs, which might be resulted in a serious conflict (break up).


Now let’s explain it further:

Putting limits in a relationship could have a lot of point of views. Limits could be applied also in a relationship, but they would only be possible by soft agreements between them. Apart from this, generally rather the love is limitless and full of freedom than to make limits within the relationship. Taking it to the next level, further the limits are of three types:

• Beneficial Limits

• Toxic Limits

• Social Limits

* For example, If a girl is in love with a druggie and she restricts him from drugs. Then she limits his individual freedom indirectly. But this type of restriction (limit) is beneficial for both as the drugs are one of the reasons for conflicts.

* Toxic limits are those which harm the relationship. These limits cause frustration and anger. Further, lead to a breakup. For example: If the girl wants to become a dancer and dancing is her passion but the boy stops her to do so. That’s not fair! Nobody wants to change his/her dreams because of other person’s wishes and whims. These limits are so-called toxic limits.

* Social limits are commonly faced by the girls due to their family or society (Generally popular in Asian countries). People put limits on girls that they are not supposed to make the relationships with the boys [Limit Relationships with boys ➡️ 0]

Where 0 means, restricted.

Afraid of society, sometimes girls break up under pressure. Or probably their parents do not like relationships, that’s why to keep them happy, they cut off the bonds regardless to their own wishes.

Limits are faced by the girls generally. Still, they aren’t equal, at least in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. This is ought to be in equilibrium. Every girl deserves to be in the relationship but the society helps her down by the Limits!

Boys also should understand the girls, their feelings that what they want and try to give their best. After all, they’re alive because of a woman.

In the end, I conclude that the relationships are all about to accept each other with each other’s flaws so it becomes a perfect bond and we shouldn’t try to make them perfect. Marriages or relationships whatever, they’re just natural. And it should happen in that way.

Everyone is born free. Don’t be limited.”

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day!

Stay tuned for next update!

B. M.

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