Relationships & Breakups (QUEST)

What is a relationship and how it is established?

Do you ever think about this question?

What is inside a perfect relationship?

How couples maintain such a relationship?

In our today’s post, I’m gonna give you the answers of the inscribed questions above.

So, first of all, Why today’s post is entitled “QUEST”?

Many boys and many girls practice quest. Quest, to find someone. Quest, to find love. Quest, to make a relationship. More simply, the number of teenagers search someone, with whom they could make a relationship and fall in love.

First and foremost thing, love can’t be searched. Love is absolutely a naturalistic thing. Lost things could be searched and found, but the things like love, never be lost, neither found. Love is within ourselves. When we meet such a person who fascinated us by inner beauty and sweet talks, the seed of love within us starts to sprout, which we feel and that feeling is called Love. This is the style of love, fashioned spontaneous. Secondly, such a person could never be found [If you supposed to find to make relationship] with whom you experience the originality of pure love. If somehow you become successful in your quest, the feelings kindled in your heart would never be so real, though it seems to you that this is what people call love. But that wouldn’t be the actuality. And at last, these type of relationships can’t be considered successful and they do not become either. The missing naturalism is the defined reason of their fragmentation.


Let’s take the example of boys who usually stare at girls and follow them in pubs, clubs, colleges, universities, avenues, roads, cafes, restaurants etc. in a hope that they’ll find their bae in this way. Boys do these kinda things, it’s common. They make relationships also. But the fact is that a pure one never occurs in such a scenario. We see in movies such kind of stuff that the boy among his clique fall in love with a girl being in the group full of loafers and rascals (Generally in Bollywood movies). It doesn’t happen in real life though.

Now you might be wondering that why this happens?… Why people search for someone to make a relationship? 🤔🤔……

First of all, not all ages people do this. It is only relatable to teens and youngsters. An age group of 16-25 years. This is the stage when everyone experiences big changes in his/her life. At this stage, all types of changes occur, physical, emotional, mental, psychological and sexual. The human being turns to a different personality for the rest of his life. Thoughts related to sex with the opposite gender, longing for a partner, being with someone special, are in the most raging state during this age. So naturally, teenagers start to feel the need of the opposite gender and start to search for someone. But these lustful thoughts are often mistaken with love. So when the lustful thoughts settle down after having sex for three or four times, most relationships abruptly break up.

Successful relationships are just realistic and lovable. They’re totally just god gifted. One other point in addition that is, the couple never would never have searched on the Internet ‘How to maintain a relationship’, unlike the others who try to put extra efforts. Because they do not need to, as they’re in Effortless Relationship. They know the rules, situations, maintenance of the bond very well. Thus a successful relationship turned into a marriage.

This is so simple. You do not need to search. You do not need to quest. You do not enter the phrases like ‘how to maintain the relationship’ in your Google bar. You do not need to remind the rules. You do not need to mix it with artificiality. You do not need to change anything.

Just keep it real!

Keep it simple!

Your loved one will definitely come in your life. You do not need to go anywhere to find him/her. She’ll come in the style beyond your imagination. Just be patient!

This could be more stretched, but I kept it simple and real!

Thank you!

Stay tuned for more stories!

Have a lovely day all ❤

B. M.


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