Relationships & Breakups (THE BASICS)

Haven’t I made it obvious?

Haven’t I made it clear?

Want me to spell it out for you?



I think I haven’t made it obvious and haven’t made it clear to you. That’s why I spell it out now. That is:


What is friendship by the way??..🤔

Pretty different from a relationship right?..!!!

Then why I’m talking about friendship today?…😮

Well, this is also a chapter of our series. A very important chapter. Today’s post is related to,

T H E  B A S I C S

So let’s get started… 😄

Who are reading this blog, I have a question for them.

What is the base of a relationship ?

You must right answer in the comments, If you are reading this.

Okay, so the base is on which we build up a relationship. The base includes the source of communication we use, little-little answers and questions in the beginning, impressions, behavior, the way of speaking, intentions, and perspectives.

Right??…. Do you agree with the list of things I mentioned above as the basics ??………

Some people have puzzled I think that what to answer……

Well, whatever your answer is, It’s okay. I’ll explain everything now without stretching too much.

The mentioned basic things aren’t enough to make a relationship healthier. A very important thing is missing…..

I think you guessed it….that is:


Yes, The Friendship. Now everyone is thinking that It is very a common thing and everyone goes through it. We all know this. Why are you mentioning this?…😕

Well, my friends, the age of your friendship before the relationship matters more than just passing through it. The more the age, the more is a strong base. Friendship is the best way to understand each other. Relationships are much complex than friendships. In a relationship, you have to look up everything, you have to take the things seriously, you have to make crucial decisions, you make promises without even think about them and all that things. But in friends, the things are so friendly and joyful. Both share each and everything. No worries. Everything’s just so light and smooth. Cracking jokes on each other, understanding, balance, simplicity, clarity. These are the characteristics of the friendship.

The more you live in friendship, the more you understand. Friendship is the way to a relationship. Although, there is a thin line between both, keeping them apart from each other. For many of us, It’s quite hard to make balance and keep it in the half of friendship. And when it happens, the things get more complicated and enough that we couldn’t understand what to do. Even though it seems everything’s fine, but it doesn’t in reality. After a time, the things turn into a mess and the whole game messed up. Thus break up befall!

This happens in the cases when couples haste for things or one has a wrong intention in them. If your friendship’s age is just a few months (4-5), then it is possible that your relationship would end up within the next 4-5 months. Or If you have any bad intention, it could be more serious and might could dangerous for the rest of your life. For the first category, I agree that it is hard to control for some lusty people, but it ought to be controlled. Let it happen according to nature!

This is a very crucial stage and everyone has to be so careful on that point. The best thing to do on that stage is to keep the things as it is. Do not think much about relationship or friendship because these are just the tags that this is a relationship and this is a friendship!…. There’s only a relation of love which is universal. To keep the things simple is the best way to survive. Though, it’s a bit hard for many of us.

But who do really this, they don’t even know that they’re actually doing this. Because for them, everything is natural and God gifted. They do not have any perspectives that the age of friendship should be such, then we move to the relationship,…..things like that.

This is the Style of love, which I often refer to. This is so natural!!….

A perfect relationship always happens in this style.

Another thing I would like to mention is that some people belittle the friendship. They believe that friendship is normal but the relationship is extraordinary. But it’s just a Void Thought to tell the truth, in my opinion. In fact, Friendship is extraordinary and a relationship is normal.

Now, here are again two things. One will agree with the first and another will with the second. While some will trouble to choose one. So do a thing.

Remove all that shit of friendship and relationship from your head. Get outta it and accept the Simplicity. Everything is so clear in the mirror of Simplicity.

So don’t be hasty. Don’t make the things complicated. Don’t take friendship as negative. Don’t be baffled in the tags.

Just keep it simple and walk according to nature!

Everything will be fine!

This is the last reason I mentioned in the series. Now the series is closing with a little summary in next post. Thank you for all your support and love for this series!

Thank you so much…😊

Have a wonderful day!

Think positive!

B. M.

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