Relationships & Breakups – SUMMARY

Finally, we have reached the end of the series “Relationships & Breakups”. I hope you all have enjoyed all the posts of the series. Thank you so much for all the support you’ve done through the series.

So here’s the summary post of the series:

The series is about the reasons that why breakups occur and how could they be minimized. The main aim of the series is to introduce the facts that do not be considered as the reasons for the breakup and mostly neglected. The major reasons are obvious to all of us but we have to work on the minor things. Because a minor mistake could make a huge impact. I could consider many more but keeping it simple, I inscribed a few handpicked. There are infinite reasons for everything but only a few of them could be considered as original.

So here’s what we have read so far:





5. LIMIT X ➡️ 0




These are 8 reasons which I considered responsible for the breakups. You can check them out in the links above. I hope they would be a little helpful to you to build up a healthy relationship. One more thing I want to say that, Please do not search on the web ‘how to maintain a relationship.’ Things will become artificial then. And you miss the taste of the original.

In my personal opinion, I believe that relationships aren’t a huge deal in life so they become a reason for your weak mental health and anxiety. I see many people who cry after a breakup, don’t eat anything for days, being lost in the memories, and even try to finish their own life. This might seems inappropriate to you, but I think doing these kinda things after a breakup is cheap shit. It’s crazy. I mean it’s just a breakup, not the end of the world. What are you doing?….. It’s f*cking crazy!…

Breakups, heartbreaks, these are just normal things in life. Don’t take them too serious and spoil your whole life just because of one.

That’s all from this series. I will soon come with a different, fresh and new stuff and bring you an interesting series. Stay tuned for that guys!!….☺☺

Thank you so much!!!

Have a lovely day all ❤

B. M.

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