3 DAYS QUOTE CHALLENGE | Day 1 | The World

I’ve nominated again for “3 Days quote challenge” by iScriblr. Thank you so much dear for nominating me the second time. (Firstly by Anushka).๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜Š…….You can check out her blog here.

Rules for the challenge are:

1. Thank the person who has nominated you for the challenge.

2. Post 3 quotes (1 for each day) for 3 days consecutively.

3. Nominate three more bloggers for the same challenge each day.

Okay, so let’s start with our today’s quote. Here it is:

This is one of my favorite quotes come across my mind. The lines are simple but very novel. And the last one is my favorite that takes the whole sentence to the next level.


This quote is I think you never heard of maybe…… Maybe you heard. Okay, let’s do the main work!!..

First of all, the quote is above the dualism. Neither it favors one side nor the other one. The sentence itself lodges on the top of the coin. So there’s no debate or conflict. Second thing, the quote is about the whole practices of the world like hate, love, blog, motivation, lose, win (In this case) and every single thing that exist in the world. Everything is going in a pattern, in its own fashion and it will, until the world ends. To understand it deeply let’s take the example of Blogging.

In blogging, consider those who write motivational content or better take the example of this challenge in which I’ve been. This challenge will go and go, will run and run to millions of other bloggers and millions of quotes they will post and they’ll reach to million others. Thisย pattern will exist until the world ends. Now here’s you are thinking that what is the scope of this quote!!?… What could we learn from it??..!!!

Well, this quote is directly related to the omnipresent God. In the above example, let’s go more in detail.

Bloggers gonna blog: Millions of bloggers will come, die out and go. Who already gone, will not return. They are meant to blogging by the omnipresent God. You can join any of the patterns created by him but the only patterns will run, the runners won’t last forever. It is better to use the patterns, but not to be attached to them as they will eliminate you one day from the circle and Until the world ends, the rules will be rules for every human, who have come to live.

In brief: The whole things are going in the rhythm of God and will last until this world is being destroyed by him. You better walk according to the will of God detached from the patterns(entanglements) made by God.

The deepness is fathomless and there are millions of more ways to elaborate this. It is easy to understand but a bit complicated to understand any other people. I tried my best to let you go through the depth of the sentence.

ย So what are your views on the quote?

Please write in comments.

Thank you so much!

Today’s nominees are:

Living what you love


It’s her Journey

B. M.


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