Reflection Δ

So here we are after Relationships and Breakups series moving towards our next series entitled “Reflection”. Might be you are curious to know about the content of the series. So I’m gonna tell you in short, that….what is Reflection?

This series would be all about Reflection and Implementation and Execution. Millions of posts focus on just to give you inspirational content like quotes, stories, personal experiences etc. But just reading them do not put any impact on your life. This is where you lack Reflection.

A reflection is the taken action on the admitted thing or knowledge. Reading, observing and believing on the things is so much easy. But it is the reflection which gives them life. Only one out of ten can really reflect on the observed knowledge because most people step back when it comes to actually practice that thing. We all read that ‘humanity is the true religion’ but how many practice this?… There’s racism and discrimination on every side. The Reflection is inversely proportional to the selfishness of the humans. The more is the selfishness, the lesser will be the Reflection.

This series will try to give you a different kind of view to point out the things about life and the importance of Reflection. The posts will mainly focus on the spine of attitudes about life.

The previous series gained a lot of support from you and helped me to reach more than 1000 views and 500 plus likes on BitterMarshmellos. So grateful to all of you, who spent their precious time on my posts. That’s why I decided to provide you the best content as much as I can do. I’ve had a lot of ideas from which I could start the next series but I come up with this one because of one of iScriblr’s post 8 ways to cultivate positive thinking. The word Reflection instantly knocked in my mind and the whole concept have cleared to me within some hours. Though I haven’t decided yet anything what to post tomorrow, but I will post. So let’s see what you got tomorrow right here.

Stay tuned!

Thank you!

B. M.

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