Reflection |A Specific Scenario |

When you see a mirror with a lot of sun rays falling on it, what do you observe? What does it do?….

It reflects all the rays to any other direction. Right??!!.

The same happens with humans. Take the example of a particular person. The rays of positivity, full of life and hope hitting him with so much power, but he simply reflects them to the other direction (to someone else). That means, he tries to motivate other people with those rays which he hasn’t observed but reflected. I think you might be wondering that what I’m trying to say?..!!!…

Well, there are so many reflections in the world and I’m explaining one of them. The above reflection is so much common among people. Generally, they practice their wisdom on the others but in reality, they don’t even know what they’re saying and about its depth. They didn’t reflect on the things but saying others to do the same. This Reflection has its several scenarios as it is the case with everything.

Suppose you search on Youtube “how to become rich”. There would be millions of results under your keywords. Millions of people are telling you that how to be rich in life but they all are so poor in reality. They just pass their knowledge to you to earn some bucks from their channel. If you say that they’re so intelligent and wise, then it’s your only self developed myth. If they really do know how to be rich, then why they still aren’t??….

[Also the keywords are rubbish, I hope you’ll never gonna search that line on Youtube]😜

Another example is of my own sis. She often motivates me to do the things I love and I do. But she herself, never tried this. She loves to dance, but she never joined any dance classes due to her family problems. (who hasn’t the problems to follow the passion?!) Then why she didn’t do the same?

But what if a mirror, I mean that reflecting person is so negative??… In this case, he reflects the rays though, but not on any other person. If he’s not observing, he is also not reflecting normally but in a specific way that that bright light doesn’t touch anyone. It’s on him whether to observe or reflect. The person throwing on him positive waves can’t do anything.


If you see closely both the scenarios, both the persons are selfish. First is reflecting, because of his own sake, his own reputation or to earn something. Second is not reflecting, because he does not want to give his wisdom to the others, nor he’s observing that. But the first one is I think more beneficial to the others. Unintentionally, he sends strong power and positivity to others that is enough to uplift anyone to do something extreme in life and go more higher from that person, who only reflected. They become successful not only because of the Reflection but with observation and execution. If the former would do that, then he could also be successful.

The matter is all about execution. If you want a change, you have to execute. You have to work on it. You have to reflect on what is being said and if you want to transfer your light to the others, then remember one thing: Reflect before asking others.

Upcoming posts will explore in more detail about this topic. I hope you’re enjoying reading this. Thank you so much for your wonderful support ❤

Have a lovely day!

B. M.


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