Reflection | Best Friends |

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

How many of B. M. readers believe in this proverb??….

I think…..almost all,..right??..

Now tell me, how many of us actually REFLECT on this??…..

Does anyone willing to become a friend in need to someone??…

Does anyone practice this proverb?

Is this proverb the part of your life?

Is there anyone??!!…..

We often use this proverb to teach the importance of friendship. We teach. We preach. We speech. We teach also to our children. But I think we just have forgotten to tell about the “Reflection”.

Today, I’m gonna share with you a personal story of mine that has been added in my life yesterday.

I was facing some difficulties on my phone to run a music studio due to the small screen of a phone. I was in great uncertainty that should I buy the full package of the studio or not? Or should I buy a tablet or laptop to solve out the problem?

“If we share our problems with the others, they’re solved out.”

This quote was the reason that I decided to share it with my best friend in hope to get a solution or she’ll help me out to make a decision. I texted her (as I usually do) and started to tell all the story of my confusions. It was the mid of the story and she went offline. It really surprised me.

After several hours, she texted me just “Hiii”. And didn’t ask about my problem. Next she texted “How are you? “. I answered honestly, “Confused”. Then her answer totally dazzled my soul. I was surprised by her “Why?” that she completely ignored my story. Somehow, I sustained my emotions and continued with the message “Nothing. It’s just nothing….. You say..? how have you been?”

I was thinking continuously of this accident that my best friend ignored all my problems and sorrows but willing to hear my joys and sweet talks. Does she really my best friend? Don’t she know about that proverb? This happening has created a doubt in my mind about our friendship.

Later, I told the same thing to one of my old buddy. He’s in Australia now. Without any questions or suggestions he simply said that he’ll send money to me so that I could buy a tablet or perhaps a laptop and gave me the solution to buy the studio on either of them.

I became so much happy and grateful to him for his this obligation and thanked him.

Now from the above story, what do you think who is the best friend? A girl who does not like to even listen to the problems or a boy who tends to give solutions?


I wasn’t supposed to ask her about money or something else. I only wanted just to listen to my problem at least once. That’s all I wanted…… ease up my brain. Because I believed in…

“If we share our problems with the others, they’re solved out.”

I think I chose a wrong best friend. The other one who helped me is the best friend in a real sense. Not because he helped me with the money, but he listened to my soul.

This recent incident turned out my head to the same point we are discussing in the series.

How many of us actually REFLECT?

We reflect. But we reflect in the style of the mirror as discussed in the previous post. Mirror Reflection isn’t bad though. As spreading the knowledge can never be bad. But we have to keep before teach.

This distortion can be solved only by reflecting on the knowledge we know. And after acknowledging, reflect that knowledge to other people [Reflection].

I hope you’d like the post.

Thank you!

B. M.

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