Reflection | Partial Reflection |

Is it true??….

I ask all of you… Is it true that our joys become double and short our sorrows when we share them?

It is true.

But if you do not have any single person with whom you can share all your joys and sorrows, then??…….

You have your own people around you. Your family, your relatives, and friends. But they do not like to spend time with you. The reason is that you have an empty pocket. You are not useful for them because you can’t give anything in return regarding the time they would spend on you.

People believe in the above quote regarding their own profits.

This is what I called ‘Partial Reflection’.

This happens with a lot of people in their lives. Being surrounded by millions of people, they do not have a single one to share anything about their lives. I’ve also been passed through this hardship during my childhood for so many years.

Okay, I’m not gonna tell you mine story here. The focus is on the way of people of reflection.

The above quote is known to all the people around the world and many of them reflect on this for the sake of their own concerns. However, a little number of them do focus on “True Reflection”. For instance, people will give you attention until your pocket is heavy and you have something to give them in return. But once it gets empty, their reflection abruptly stops and this would stun you for sure!

This is the very nature of people. It can be anyone! It may be your best friend, your relatives, or even your life partner. In many cases, people do inspect the wealth of the next person before marriage or establishing a relationship with him/her. It’s for the assurance that they will get something in return as a reward of their efforts. If something goes wrong or mishappen with the targeted man or woman, she/he is immediately abandoned as the pocket goes empty.


Not only the reflection, but the way you reflect on any particular thing also matters a lot.

People won’t know you until you prove yourself.

This point reminded me of a chapter of my 10th standard book of English written by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov under the title “The Grief”.

A cab driver (Iona Potapov) wanted to share his grief of his son’s death with anyone who would listen to him. But nobody really showed any interest in his story. And at last, he tells his whole story to his cab horse, who listened to him finally and Iona thinks that even “Beasts are better than humans. At least they listen peacefully.”

The chapter was so emotional and I read that again today. And somehow it is related to me a couple of years ago when I’m in need of a person with whom I could share my problems and sorrows and joys.

Today also, I do not speak much about myself to anyone. I’m afraid of their partial reflections. Especially after my breakup, It’s hard for me now to trust anyone.

Reflection is reflection. It shouldn’t be biased. If you do listen to a wealthy person, you must be attentive to a middle class. The obstacle of selfishness shouldn’t be in the way of your rays……..Or it will divide the light.

Hope you’ve liked the post!

Keep supporting!

Have a great day ❤

Thank you!

B. M.

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