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I read. I write. I read so many posts from all of you. I write so many posts for all of you. But the action beyond reading and writing is called ‘Reflection’.

We all do this. We all perform the first two former operations but the third one is hard for all of us to adopt. In this case, reading and writing are two virtual things. Nobody knows what is exactly inside our brain. Because of this remarkable advantage, we can write anything to anyone when it comes to virtuality. Thus, reflection on what we are saying is optional and also for what we are reading.

Writing blogs on the Internet is so much easy. Reading blogs on the Internet is so much easy. But the practice of any particular blog is hard as steel for everyone. Many of us are here to gain popularity in the world of blogging or to earn through blogs or some are passionate about writing and blogging. Some people will think that I’m a big knocker who knocks everything. Well, here’s the mismatch of our perspectives. I’m just showing off the importance of reflection along the acknowledgment.


This is obvious to every single person that anger is harmful for our both, mental and physical health. Then why we become so much angry or frustrated on very common occasions?…….

We only know that anger is bad for our health, but it is the lack of practice to keep control of it. Due to this, we are unable to control our anger on many of the situations in which we should be.

Another sentence the most popular is: “Practice makes perfect”. The same is true for Reflections. Practice to reflect on things is necessary. Practice to control the anger is essential to keep our health unaffected. Practice is the key to learn anything. Reflections are related to practices. The more practice you do, the more reflective you become. Aside from this, your feelings and intentions also matter along with your practices.

Just take it to the more higher level. Another quote: “Anything can’t be 100% perfect.” You can’t become a 100% error free person. Your grammar can’t be 100% perfect of any language. The vehicles can’t be 100% efficient. Therefore, how the reflection could be?…….

Reflection on every single word is not possible. You know a massive knowledge but you can’t practice all of your cards. Instead of doing all simultaneously, picking a single card will be more efficient. Do not go to the negative side that you are not reflecting on all the things, but you are practicing one of them at least, which is enough to look upon the brighter side. And of course, all of your cards are of the same deck, so they’re linked with each other. You pick up one, then jump on to another and so on……… Although you must be careful that when you jump to the another, you’re supposed to keep the previous card in practice also. It seems complicated maybe, but it isn’t. This is completely a spontaneous process. You just have to practice. The cards will be automatically switched.

Reciting and cramming God’s words is an ordinary thing. But the true devotee of Lord actually REFLECTS on them. And whoever reflects, finds God in his inner self.

Reflection is hard, but not impossible. Of course, there are only a few who do. But practice can make anyone perfect as reflections need a lot of practice of years.

I’d like to hear your views about Reflection. Please post your views in comments.

I’d be so thankful to you!

Have a lovely day ❤

Thank you!

B. M.

7 thoughts on “Reflection | Scope of Reflection |

  1. Nice post,

    I believe that perfection born stagnation. We need to practice our skills and our humanity but when our car comes to the top of the hill ( perfection) there is only one way. Down

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    1. Your point is also true. Sometimes reflection becomes natural….. Yeah, it’s hard to describe in words for me too. But I try my best to simplify it. This topic is really complicated and tough to explain. And the other thing is that we aren’t much familiar with this subject. In my first post, I explained two types of reflections. I think this has created a little confusion in your mind also. I think one or two more posts are remaining of this series. You better read them all once, If you want to go through more deeply the subject. I’ll try to clear you more about the concept by examples.,…that it could become easier for you to understand !…
      Thank you so much for your precious time spent on the post ❤
      Have a lovely day ! ❤😘

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