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In this post, I’ll try to clear up all your doubts about reflection. I’ll give some examples to understand you all of the points. So here we go:-

There’s an apple resting on a table in front of your eyes. A thought comes into your mind to eat it. But you are too lazy to pick that apple from the table. Though you really really want to eat it. You are so hungry. Suddenly, another thought comes in your mind that If you start to recite “Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple……..” then maybe the ‘Apple’ will take off from the table and land on the palm of your hand. Thus, the person in the scenario starts to recite “Apple Apple Apple Apple….. ” and waiting for its take off.

Suppose you are doing the same. Imagine yourself too lazy to bring the apple and you continuously uttering the name of the apple……

Now my question to you is…

Can you eat that apple in this way?

Can that apple fly off and land on the palm of your hand so that you could eat it?

You can do this experiment to know the answer.

Now let’s explain the whole thing in detail.

First, you realized that you are hungry and want something to eat. [Problem]. Second, you see an apple placed in front of your eyes on a table. [Solution of the Problem]. But at the third point, you become too lazy to convert your thought into action. [Missing Reflection]. But you start to utter the apple’s name to quench your hunger rather to actually pick it up and slice it into bites. [Show off/ Empty Effort].

These are the levels of Reflection on any particular thought. First, we come to know about the “Problem”. Then we observe what could be the “Solution” of that problem. Then we have to “Reflect” on our solution.

This concept is the same for all kind of reflections and thoughts and solutions in the world. Thoughts may be of our mind. Thoughts we hear from others. Thoughts we read in the holy scriptures. Thoughts, quotes, thinking, solutions whatever you name them never can come into reality without “Reflection”. This is the importance of “Reflection” and this is my idea in the whole series.


Revising your knowledge and thoughts is a good thing, but only revision is not enough. They will become reality only then when you will start to admit them properly in your life and adore them. Also, the Reflection itself is a slow and step by step process. It can’t be done within some days or weeks. It takes its time and we must be patient along with it.

Briefly, the series is all about to execute the knowledge [Thoughts/Solutions/Quotes] in our real life that is stored in our brains.

By verbalizing “Blogging Blogging Blogging”, you can’t learn about Blogging.

By shouting “water water water”, you can’t quench your thirst.

By uttering “Jesus, God, Allah, Rahim, Krishna, Ishwer”, You can’t meet the God.

Reflection is the true devotion and way to meet God.

I hope you are able to understand the depth of this concept.

Thank you so much for all your support.

If you have any doubt about any point, feel free to ask in the comments.

Have a wonderful day!

B. M.


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