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So this is the end of another series in BitterMarshmellos which bears the title “Reflection”. I hope you all would have enjoyed it a lot. Here’s the summary-

In this series, my main focus was on the practice of the things we already know. Reflection is proportional to Reality of Life. If you want a Change in your life, or any other’s, or in the society even, you must have to actually work on the solution. Reflection is something that is far away from just reading, observing or revising the knowledge. It’s all about the action. By nature, it is a slow and steady process which demands the continuous practice just like any other thing. It is not necessary to reflect on every single word, neither it is possible. So, you’re supposed just to enjoy the journey with patience and not having negative feelings about yourself that you’re not admitting all the knowledge you observed.

One thing more I wanted to add in your mind along the other deliberations is that, whenever you reflect on the society level or family level, the related people will react exactly in contrary to your action. One personal example is when I was actually supposed not to give IELTS test and criticized excessively, my sister’s reaction was just in inverse.

Okay, leave this…..

So here’s what we got in the series so far:

1. Reflection (Introduction)

2. Reflection (A Specific Scenario)

3. Reflection (Best Friends)

4. Reflection (Partial Reflection)

5. Reflection (Scope of Reflection)

6. Reflection (Levels)

If you still have any doubt, read all these posts again carefully.

Thank you so much for all your support throughout the series. I really am grateful to all of you… ❤

Will be right back with the next series which is about….💣💣…😬😬😣😥😰😌😌…

Can you guess this??…

Well, this would be really interesting…

So stay tuned for the next 💣 series.

Have a good day!

B. M.

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