Toilet | An Important Factor |

There’s only one way to eliminate the extra material in our body and that is 🚽. Go there and consume some energy and celebrate your victory… 🎊🎊🎉🎉👏👏👏

Toilet plays an important role in everyone’s life. A lot of people start their day from this activity. It’s a great relief to our mind and body. We can do anything so calmly and peacefully after spending some time on the throne. I’m not just chattering here with my silly point of view. Some researches have also proved the same. Psychology says, In shorter rooms, our brain becomes broad and we think more creatively because of the change in surroundings. This definitely proves that our surroundings affect our way of thinking.

A small room of toilet cuts an individual from the real world for some time and reduces the extra thoughts and processes of the brain due to the work for which he goes there. This psychology factor introduces three things to the human brain- Peace, Focus, and Clarity, which make things a lot easier to handle for him.


Today, I’m gonna talk about how important is the toilet for all of us?

Well, in my opinion, There’s no life without toilet. The toilet is one of the most wonderful things in everyone’s life. You can’t sit on any King’s throne. But you are the King of your own toilet and the seat is your throne where you make some noise every day.

Poop the things out is necessary for every single human being. If you don’t, then you can’t eat more. If you can’t eat, then you won’t gain energy. If you won’t gain energy, you can’t do any work. If you can’t work, you won’t earn anything and without earning, you can’t survive in this expensive world.

In short: you will die out soon without going toilet.

The time spent on the toilet is precious for our mental health. This is when we talk to ourselves in a pleasant and calm place……Not really pleasant…..😷 I think… but really a calm place. While pushing the things out, we also relax our thoughts and calm down our mental sickness for some time.

The more time we spend with us, the more we get close to ourselves and solve the miscellaneous problems that are enmeshed in our heads for a long time. The toilet is the best place to do this thing. It is a great problem solver also. It not only does flush your bullets but also your many doubts and confusions. In toilet, your mind discusses the things 10x times better than on any other place. Thus, you find the solutions 10 times faster in the toilet.

A misconception could enter in your mind here is that that to find solutions faster, we should always spend time in the toilet. The above idea doesn’t mean that you should spend most of your time in toilet for the discussion. Just keep this thing natural, when you get an alarm from your bottom for the attack, remind your topics and think about them during the push & pull activity. Don’t try to do it intentionally! (However, it’s just a personal opinion).

Toilet is a different world. It has its own charm. The moment of pressing the flush button is so glorious and victorious. It feels like you have knocked down the millions’ force by just pressing a button. How powerful you are!!!!!……..

Then why don’t flush all your pains and anxiety also along with your pieces?……..Just do it and live your day without any stress and anxiety. Enjoy that Flush Button Moment and celebrate your day’s first victory. It would really boost your strength to fight with the life.

Would love to hear your reaction in comments…!!

Thank you so much for the support ❤

Have a glorious day!

B. M.

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