Toilet | A Creative Place |

This has been proved that small rooms are more creative than larger halls scientifically. The small is the size, the more creative your brain thinks. This is the only reason why toilets and bathrooms are more creative.

Our brain thinks more efficiently and logically about any riddle or problem it is facing regarding life, business, mysteries, or any personal problem while doing the common things like bathing, defecating, brushing, washing clothes etc. That’s why I consider the toilet, a creative place.

In my personal experience, my mind’s focus level rises up and it automatically runs the train of creative and more logical thoughts. Aside from this, I also feel positive about life and the situations which are apparently negative.

I do not know what is biological science behind this. I mean…what happens in our body and brain during such activities. Whatever it is…….but such happening is such a wonderful thing.

Creative places aren’t supposed to look creative in vision. The places where our creativity provokes naturally, are Creative in a real sense. But what is creativity and how the creative places like a toilet, help to raise up your creativity?


Well, the most simple definition of creativity is the flexibility to change the point of views or perspectives towards anything. It could be any problem, any business project, any artistic piece, any music piece, or anything similar. Creativity helps in every task. The peaceful places have silence and a particular atmosphere which attracts the creative waves like a magnet. Particularly, a toilet can’t be shared by two persons at the same time, so you have never seen a second human in that room except you. Thus, it remains every time in silence and the multiple people never have gathered there. This means, there is only low-frequency sound and air, which bounces back into the present human mind and evokes creativity. All this process is also responsible for the piece of mind, your focus, and clarity in your thoughts.

Apart from all these things, the root statement is that,….”Creativity is everywhere. From the mechanism of your toilet to the tip of the Burj Khalifa. But this is the atmosphere around our brains, which provokes the creativity inside of us.

Toilet is a huge collection of creative things but these things unlike others, can’t be seen. All those creative thoughts sprout a lush green tree of creativity inside our mind. The little time spent with those thoughts make a huge difference in our lives but we never acknowledge that how our brain has become so much creative and imaginative. However, some people never become the owner of such brains, because the time they spend on the seat, would not have been spent with their own thoughts. Maybe they waste it on the same depressed thoughts which revolve around them the rest of the day. This little precious time is valuable for everyone. But it’s up to us, whether to make it valuable or not. The little throne has the power to abolish our anxiety and stress if we understand its potential.

You can make your toilet a Utopia [a positive and creative fantasy world] where everything is just perfect according to your taste and you would like to have such atmosphere [of positive thoughts] around you every time. [on the level of psychology].

Tip – Do not spend too much time in the toilet for the sake of positivity. You’ll waste your time. Keep the things spontaneous.

Well, that’s all about today’s post. Hope you’d like it. Please share what’s been the best part of the post for you.

Thank you so much for all the support ❤

Have a beautiful day!

B. M.

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