Toilet | A Peaceful Place |

When there’s extreme loud atmosphere prevails everywhere in your home. When the strong noises continuously tugging inside your head, when you only want to get rid of such voices being in your home, the “toilet” is the only best option for you…..😜😝……

We all want peace. We all want to live in a peaceful world, which is impossible in the world we are living in. But we can find such a few moments in our toilet. If we keep ourselves, our mind, in a calm and soothing place for even 5 minutes without any internal flow of the thoughts related to our personal affairs about life or anxiety, we gain tremendous energy for whole day. In my sense, the toilet is the best-suited place for this.

Peace is really useful for our mind and body and it can be found only in serene places. Yoga or meditation is also are good options. It depends on you, what you prefer more. But whatever it is, the results are almost the same, whether you spend time with positive thoughts in the toilet or you do meditation for some time or Yoga. All are beneficial for the health. The only thing matter is the naturalism present in your activity including your intentions.

Peace can’t be found by uttering “peace, peace, peace.” (Remember “Reflection | Levels |” post).

Sometimes we literally use the toilet to find peace for a few moments. Maybe we struggle with the situations or overwhelmed by the first stage performance pressure, we only just want to cut ourselves from the anxiety of the world, in such cases. Something suddenly happens unexpected in life, we go there to ease the flow of scorched thoughts in the head. This is how a toilet can be useful on critical occasions.

The only drawback is, when your house is on the fire of a loud electronic music party and you want to sleep (If you don’t like the parties), you can’t go there πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„…….

So that’s why I called it | A Peaceful Place |

Have you ever used the toilet to find peace in such situations?

Would love to know…😊

Thank you so much for the support ❀

Have a wonderful day!

B. M.

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