Toilet | A Wound Reliever |

Something suddenly happens unexpected in life, we go there to ease the flow of scorched thoughts in the head. This is how toilet can be useful on critical occasions.

Today, I will explain this small portion of the previous post Toilet | A Peaceful Place | in detail. So let’s get started!….

In this fast track life, we face so many difficult situations of a wide variety. What’s gonna happen in next second, is always unpredictable. Sometimes, our expected results change into miserable disasters as something happens just opposite what we have thought. This is called “Life” and it is always unpredictable.

A girl wants to give a surprise to his boyfriend, his true love by visiting him casually. But life has a different surprise for her when she saw his love in the bed of another girl. She rushed away from the place without listening to his excuses with a broken heart. She threw her purse somewhere on the floor of her home and took a shower in the dress she wore for her boyfriend. Her tears are flowing just like the speed of water from the shower and they’re still raining. But at the same time, the atmosphere of washroom providing a perfect air to sooth up her pains and feelings.


The above scenario is just an example of the grievous situations of life and they happen with all of us. Just like the above victim, many people use the shower to relieve their adversity but they are usually unaware about the impact of the surrounding of that small room. This reaction is actually not intentional, however. It is spontaneous and natural. It doesn’t matter you use the shower or simply sit on the toilet seat and cry on your misfortune. Both are the essential parts of one room. We can cry in our own room and yes, we do also there in such situations. But we feel more secure and comfortable in our toilet room because there’s only us. There’s no one who will laugh on our tears. There’s no one who would take advantage of our situations. There’s no one who would have a judgemental attitude towards us. No two persons are allowed in the toilet at the same time. This is a big advantage. Therefore, the toilet is also a ‘wound reliever’ for us.

I live in a joint family. So when such situations come, washroom is my only place to relieve myself from the pain by shedding tears.

Imagine, if toilets weren’t the part of our homes??….Where would we go to console ourselves??……

But it doesn’t mean that the toilet is the only place where we can soothe ourselves. This is just a spontaneous thing but plays a really important role in our lives. This series is just to explain you the significant role of the toilet in our lives.


This is all about today’s post. I hope you’d like it.

Thank you so much for the support you are doing! ❤

Share your experience with your toilet in the comments. Would really love to know!!… ❤

Have a lovely day!

B. M.

10 thoughts on “Toilet | A Wound Reliever |

  1. I knew a couple with two loo in the bathroom and I always thought it was gross,she asked and obtained the annulment of the marriage from the Vatican for cruelty…..I wonder if their toilet with two wc has something to do with it🤔

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  2. It’s true sometime we like to spend time with us where nobody can see us or pass any judgemental comments and we can flush all our pain through eyes. It doesn’t make us weak in fact help us to stay calm and collective I truly believe every tear is replaced with wisdom and strength! 💛✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great…
      What an intellectual thing you said…!!! 👏👏👏👏🤗…
      This is the proper line I should’ve added in the post….
      I think you can write much better than me on the same topic……..
      What you think !???…🤔..

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