Intelligent but Chucklehead

Have you ever thought or experience that an intelligent person can make silly mistakes and take imprudent decisions?

Well, I have.

Before moving to our next series titled “Slash”, I really wanted to share some of my recent personal experiences.

If you do not interested in my personal life, you can leave out this post. ‘Cause some readers do not like to read the personal stuff.

Recently, I have been in a serious fight with my friend. I never thought that I would behave with her like that. But I don’t know how and why this happened and how quickly this happened!!….

The reason was the same as what was with my Ex. Our way of communication was only texting. Not even calls. Why??… Because she’s afraid of her parents. A couple of days ago, I really wanted her to make a video call of a few minutes. But she didn’t do. Neither voice nor video.

Before this, whenever I tried to call her, she simply declined without giving any reason. I become stunned then, when she also told me a couple of lies. But she wasn’t enough clever from my intelligence as I knew that she’s lying to me. In my Reflection series, I also did a post related to her. You can check that here. After this enough mess, I texted her that I want to meet you once to clear up everything and If she can’t, then she has to make a phone call of 1 hour at least clear up everything and to save our friendship.

But then, she just froze up my blood and heartbeat and left me stunned when she texted that she’s better to break the friendship…….


For a couple of minutes, I was just unable to make any movement. Then I tried to persuade her that our source of communication is Virtual. By real talk, we can understand each other better. Unfortunately, she didn’t show any interest in my proposal.

This is how my friendship ended up with her.

This was also the case with my X girlfriend, who was from Canada. So we use only texts, calls, video calls for communication. Being so much intelligent, she was entangled with the ratios of similarities. She just wanted this that her partner should also be similar to her……….Can you believe this ??… Can you??…….. I mean… How silly and stupid is this!!..

She wanted a relationship, but with the person with similarities!!!….

I still can’t believe this……How such intelligent people could do so cheap and stupid mistakes!!!..and spoil the relations with their own mess!!!……

One thing more, I wanted to tell you here, that is…..She is in Canada and doing study regardless of her own interest. She wants to become a Gynaecologist but the study she’s doing is related to Sociology or English language….something like that……..And when I asked about her study that why she has taken that??…

Her answer was: I don’t know (with an open laugh).

This answer also left me numb!!!….

Moreover, she’s so rich in her own home, In India. She lives in the urban area and has a world-class university in her own town.

On this point, her thinking says, “There’s no future in India. Nobody can live a happy life. It is a miserable country and I don’t love it.”

When I told her that I want to live in my country and want to do something in music being here, she teased me and fired a couple of taunts. Sarcastically she said, “Okay, Go. Live there. Make the future. Best of luck.” Here I couldn’t resist myself and after disconnecting the call, I shed tears and felt sympathy for the Indian flag. and questioned God, How could anyone say this God??!!.. How??… Don’t she know she was born on this land?… Don’t she know this land gave her food and clothes and home to survive??…

In the beginning, I thought that she’s so intelligent person with a great intellect. But now I’m just realizing that I’m much intelligent than her. I’m much wiser. I still don’t have a job or a college to attend, because of the poverty and unemployment in the area. Middle-class people are struggling with a lot of issues here. But at least……….. I do not criticize the nation for this !!!…. I do not say that there’s no future. If really there’s no future, then how the people are surviving?… How ISRO is sending rockets and satellites in Universe? How Railway stations are becoming digital nowadays??….

But I also feel sympathy for her. Nowadays, she’s dealing with the hard and busy life of Canada. She has a job of 8-9 hours, study classes of 3-4 hours, traveling of 2-3 hours, and a few hours to sleep. I hope she’d be happy with this routine.

Millions of youngsters of this state exactly want this type of routine in their lives. I’m afraid…..Are all they Intelligent but Chucklehead??…

Thank you for reading!

B. M.


  1. Whenever a friend becomes a cause of bitterness in life understand that it’s time to let go. I know that sounds harsh but in my personal experience it’s better to be alone than to be in a crowd and feel alone.

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  2. Now I understand why your questions were Nation centered in the LIEBSTER Award post.
    Well, though it’s your personal issue but I think it’s the best way of expressing oneself. And you did a good job by posting this. Moreover every incident leaves behind it’s remains as lessons.
    Let things go. And always remain a Proud Indian! ☺

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