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It’s been one week and I didn’t start my next series yet as I was busy collecting awards. I got 3 awards last week and posted a personal post and a challenge called #SchoolaholicChallenge.

Yet, it’s been such a wonderful week for me. I received much more likes and views than I get in normal weeks. Such a wonderful support from all of you…πŸ™πŸ™…

Thank you soooooo much everyone…πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ for showing your love for this blog.

Okay, so let’s start the introduction about our next series which is about “Slash”. Now might be you’re thinking that what is ‘Slash’??…πŸ€”πŸ€”

Let’s explain this.

Slash is a line which divides two things and gives them a different identity.

Regarding this series, the meaning of Slash is also the same but with a little twist. The twist is that the divided things byΒ this Slash almost look similar. This Slash is created by me, so obviously it won’t be a normal Slash. This Slash divides psychological and philosophical things or things related to our mental life.

Actually, this Slash isn’t created by me, it is already in existence but we need to recognize it. We need to recognize that where we cross the Slash and enter into the other phase which has different properties and perhaps almost opposite to the other side’s. To make it more clear, let’s take the popular example: Confidence / (read it slash) Over Confidence.

These are two halves but divided by a Slash. When we keep ourselves in the left half (Confidence), everything goes well for us. But as soon as we cross the Slash, we play on a different ground, where the grass is not any greener. As it is clear to all of you that Over Confidence is always bad but Confidence is good and the opposite word of ‘good’ is ‘bad’. So both the sides are totally different. But we stuck in an illusion that the other side is similar to the original green side. This illusion creates because we spend some time playing on the green side and when suddenly we jump to the other, our eyes still tell our brains that this ground is also green, however, it isn’t. This is where we trap!!!..

If we already know that where the two halves become ‘halves’ then we can avoid this illusion.

This is the concept of this brand new series. I will try to figure out the move which takes us to another half and how we can avoid that.

Hope you’d like this concept.

It might be a bit complicated to you. So please ask in comments if you have any doubts about this.

Have a good day!

B. M.

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