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Self-love and Narcissism are the most popular terms nowadays on WordPress. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve read many posts on Self-love. So I decided to include it in my next series in contrast with Narcissism. To understand the full concept, first read the introduction post Slash.

So my today’s focus is on to differentiate the Self-love from Narcissism which seems similar but separated by a Slash making them opposite to each other. So first, let’s start from Self-love.

Self-love means……love yourself. Self-love is giving respect to yourself the way you respect your family or friends. Treat yourself with amenity. Do not criticize yourself for anything. Do not put yourself under the burden of negative thoughts and feelings. Self-love is all about the belief that “You are beautiful”.

So, this is our green ground what we call ‘Self-love’ and it is good for everyone. As long as the play is on the green grass, everything seems green to us. Read it carefully, everything seems green to us.” This literally means that there’s always an atmosphere of serenity and love around us. We love people around us. We love everything. We see love everywhere because we love ourselves. Everything’s so green and peaceful around us in the lap of Self-love.

But what happens when we cross the Slash?


Actually, the Slash itself is a trap which deludes us with its white innocent bright light, which in fact is a mirage. We step forward towards this and cross the line and eventually, enter into the world of Narcissism in a hope that this phase would much happier place than the previous one. Now when we walk upon the black soil, our eyes still in the illusion that this black soil is actually a green grass. This illusion is so firm and hard to break.

The ground is green only to that person who is in the illusion, not to everyone. But another twist is that all the people on the ground of Narcissism have this illusion. So this means, being Narcissist they don’t know they are Narcissist. That’s why they can’t confess anything what we say to them.

On this opposite phase, he starts to hate the other people. He starts to love himself enough that he doesn’t have time to give his love to others. He got indulged in his own beauty and reputation. Moreover, he starts to believe that he is the only one who can do everything. He has control over everyone. He jealous with other people. His behavior totally changes and turned into an evil phase.

To read about this in detail, read our talented fellow blogger Kranti’s post Narcissism: Narcissist A evil face.

Self-love is a virtue, a brilliant virtue, but every single thing of this world has a black shadow. It is really important for everyone to detect from where the black side begins.

But there are also the people who do not love themselves. What about them??….

Well, here’s also a Slash lie. The Slash which divides the red ground from the green ground. Let’s make a pattern of this that how it works!…


Look here:

🚩 // 🌍 // 🏴

The red flag is the negative feelings. When we cross the first Slash, we enter into the real green world and when we cross the next Slash, we enter into the Black Shadow or black picture of our world. This is the principle of Slash. All the philosophical, psychological and spiritual values have these three stages.

“Either I may believe that I don’t deserve this (🚩), or I may believe that I deserve this and I have this (🌍) or I may believe that ONLY I deserve this and ONLY I can have this. (🏴).

This is the difference between these stages and we have to recognize these Slight Slashes.

So the people who are living in Self-hate, have to move on Self-love and who are in the Narcissism, have to move on the same.

This might be complicated for you to understand. So please ask in the comments if you have any question or doubt or want to give your opinion on this. I’d really appreciate this!!

This is all for today’s post. Will be right back tomorrow with a new concept and a new post about two new different things.

Have a nice day everyone!!

Thank you!

B. M.

29 thoughts on “Slash | Self Love // Narcissism |

  1. Very informative and articulate. I like the graphic descriptions with the slashes, colors and flags as symbols to prevent us from crossing dangerous thin lines. In this respect, your post acts as a perfect clarifier, a preventive medicine to swallow to make us all come and stay as close to the core of the green ground as possible. This is our eternal search for complete human inner balance. Love this! The problem is when someone is too far on the Narcissist side or also on the Lack-of-self-love, where in both cases therapy is needed. But, at least, the other people around can be made more aware of the problem and perhaps help a bit if the person is willing to accept good advice. BTW, thank you so much for following my blog. I really appreciate this.

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  2. Liked the post. πŸ‘ Initially, I too found it difficult to understand the difference between them, but one major difference is that, self love is something and narcissism something negative.
    You explained that in a good way Bobby! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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