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Love & Lust: These two terms are so popular when it comes to juxtaposing any two things. Many people mix up the Lust with Love or vice versa. However, there are contrary differences in both of them. So, I included these two in this series to clear the major difference between them.

So let’s start!

First of all, I want to clear a similarity between them. Yes, there’s something similar that is “they both are natural“.

Love is totally spontaneous and happens just in a natural way. We can’t control it. On the other side, lust is a natural thing that everyone has for the opposite sex. Not only in human beings, but it is also present in the other creatures of the Universe. If it is present, only then the birth of other beings have become possible by sexual pleasures. So……they both are present in the nature of all creatures.

Okay, so now where the Slash lops them off??…

Generally speaking, at the very fine point just in the beginning. These two things are mutually connected with each other, that’s why it creates a very fine believe that those lustful thoughts are actually love!……….. However, they clearly aren’t.

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Love & Lust are two different things literally. Love is a feeling related to inner appearance and lust is a streak related to outer appearance. However, lust is also a part of love but love is not the part of lust.

This is the point where a lot of people get tangled. Okay, let’s take an example to understand it more clearly.

[For boys] Suppose you see a beautiful and very cute girl with nice curves and a sexy body figure on the road when you’re going to college or somewhere else. As soon as you observe her, the waves of lust start to evoke in your mind for her. You start to feel your inner sexual desire. You have thoughts of dating, love, relationship, or kissing with her. If your lust is intense than possibly you can think about having sex with her. But you believe that these thoughts are Love. Love is far away from these things. Love is a thing which can’t be described how it feels. Love has infinite definitions.

You can see how easily I explained that what is lust, but explaining love is as hard as steel. Love is related to inner appearance, so how could it be explained so easily?…

Yes, lust is important and it is the part of love. But lust is not everything. In fact, lust is only 10% of love. Love is all about understanding, trust, believe. Love is to fall in love with someone’s thoughts, someone’s thinking. When we become someone’s true friend, this is love. When we start to care about each other, this is love. When we have an indestructible believe on each other, this is love.

Love is the reality, not like the fantasy thoughts of lust. Love is falling for each other, not to fall for each other’s body like lust. Love is exchanging the hearts with each other. Not exchanging the numbers with each other.

On the other hand, these things aren’t present in lust.

This is the difference between Love & Lust.

Love can’t be predicted or told that when it will happen and how and how it feels like. Naturally, you will found yourself in love one day.

Thank you!

Have a wonderful day!

B. M.

34 thoughts on “Slash | Love // Lust |

  1. Beautiful post Bobby! Love is deep and source of other feelings. It is freedom of soul, can never hurt anyone on the other hand lust is just a shallow feeling puts barrier and often hurts! 💛😊

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