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So, this is my third post of the series ‘Slash’ after a few days’ gap. Our today’s Slash is “Positivity // Egotism”.

When I started to think about this post, I was pretty anxious that how would I explain this? Because they both are quite similar and a bit complicated to explain. I came across a statement while running my thoughts on this. And that statement is :

Egotism is Positivity but Positivity isn’t Egotism.

Probably you also are wondering that what does this statement mean?

But here’s a very fine difference between both which totally turns the table to the other side. The representation of this tiny difference been too much baffling for me, but fortunately, I found a quite good example to make this.

Actually, Positivity and Egotism are similar to Self-love and Narcissism respectively to some extent. In Self-love, we are Positive about ourselves and the actions we commit. While being Narcissist is common as Egotistical. Check out the previous post about Self Love & Narcissism for further details.

So, what is Positivity?

Being positive about yourself, about your potential, about your words, about your life, about your upcoming time is Positivity. This Positivity in actual is cultivated from your negative thoughts. When your thoughts start to transform, Positivity is born in your thinking, in your surroundings.

Now, what is Egotism?

Egotism is an atmosphere around yourself. A layer of illusions which disallows you to believe that you are not the only one with a Positive attitude. In such an atmosphere, you embrace and praise only your works and deeds. Now see what is the difference between the both:

Suppose you are a painter. You paint really awesome pieces. Everyone admires your skills. One day the other artist shows an incomparable piece of his painting in a festival or some kind of fair. All the people in the festival are just fascinated by his skill of art. They are relentlessly praising his painting. You’re also there……

Now see attentively here,… Everyone is exalting that fantabulous artistic painting. Right??….

So, by his continuous praise, how your conscious mind would affect?

If you feel the waves of jealousy from his glory, then you are Egotistical as you can’t bear the other artist’s achievement. But if you have some kind of thoughts like… I can also make such great grand piece. I will meet him and learn from him more skills. I will make more attractive paintings etc. etc. Then you are Positive but not Egotistical. Because you have a curiosity to learn more. You didn’t jealous from his praise, you were eager to learn more skills.


This makes the difference!

When Martin Garrix saw Tiësto performing on the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, he didn’t get jealous that his guitar is much better than Tiësto’s turntable. Instead, he became enthusiastic to know about the DJ skills and somewhere in his mind, he would have thought that one day, he will become famous like Tiësto.

This is Positivity!

If he would have only stayed with his guitar, Could he become the king of Future Bass? Could he become what he really is today?

This makes the difference!

It is up to us that how we direct our thinking and what is our perspective to view the things. We could inspire or we could burn ourselves in the false desires. Everyone is struggling with Narcissism, but to admit that you are struggling with Narcissism will show your Positivity.

So, this is all about today’s post. I hope you’d like it…

Waiting for your response in the comments…😄

Have a lovely day everyone!

Thank you ❤

B. M.

14 thoughts on “Slash | Positivity // Egotism |

  1. But somewhere deep down everyone is jealous. No one ever just accepts watching other people being praised with that grace in their mind. Although jealously maybe a common thing, I believe it’s our action after being jealous is what makes the difference. We cross the lines to egotism when jealously consumes us so much that we can’t even appreciate other people’s work. Great write up. I always find your slash series interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree with you Lavanya..
      Jealousy, Ego, Anger, Frustration, these are common things in human nature……Like……..mixture of these things make a human being…..
      Well I’m fascinated by your this line : “We cross the lines to egotism when jealousy consumes us so much that we can’t even appreciate other people’s work.”
      Only a man with lot of wisdom can say this… 👏👏👏👏.
      And thank you so much and it’s an honour for me that you find my writings interesting to read.. 😄😄☺.

      Liked by 1 person

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