Slash | Humility // Compliance |

Hi everyone!

I’m enjoying writing this series and the differentiations have been accomplished and accomplishing in the way. Even though it’s been a bit complicated for me doing this, but it’s ok. I’m happy with my work.

Okay, so let’s move on to our today’s post in which we’re juxtaposing Humility and Compliance. These two things are really close to each other but like as the previous slashes, there’s also a Slash lopping them off from each other. Let’s try to contrast them!!

Humility is the good half of the division and also good for everyone but Compliance makes you powerless and dependent. We all know the definitions of both. But what actually makes them different?

Humility is the exact opposite of egotism so as to Narcissism. Humility is free from pride, ego, anger, jealousy. Humility is all about modesty, amenity, humbleness, forgiveness, and humanity. But it doesn’t mean that it is a weakness. Some people often conclude things like humility, forgiveness, patience, calmness etc. as part of a negative attitude. This is not at all a negative attitude. No way. There’s nothing bad in nature. These are extremely positive things. Patience helps you to stay. Forgiveness makes you a better person. Humility controls your anger.


But humility becomes a negative attitude when it transforms into Compliance. Now when it transforms into Compliance??…

Here I also want to add an another thing that Compliance is also not bad. Obeying the laws is a good thing. But, there’s only one thing of which we have to obey the laws and that is…..Β Nature. The laws of nature are the same since it has formed and the whole world is in its laws.

Compliance of laws of nature isn’t bad but when you obey the laws of any person who practices his power on you and capitalize on your kindness, it is vicious for you and you let yourself jump in the dark side of Humility [(Compliance) what we’re talking about]. This kind of Compliance certainly makes you weak and let the devil win reigning over you. In today’s world, if you’re extra polite with people, they use you for their benefits. It is not at all well to indulge every single person or have to have the feelings or thoughts like he’ll resent. He would think that I’m not well behaved with him etc.etc.

You’re only a human and you have your own life and behavior. You’re not here to please everyone. Don’t think too much about the things. Yeah, you should be polite and humble with everyone, but look for how long they deserve your sweet behavior. You are supposed to figure out where you are crossing theΒ Slash. If they start to take you as a weak person, turn up the side and deal with the phase which they’re using with you. Don’t be afraid. You’re doing right.

This topic could also be expanded in further slashes like- Humility // Show off Humility, Compliance // Beneficial Compliance. Humility // Prideful Humility.

And it can be explained. I think only by titles, you would have to know that what they mean? After all, you’re so intelligent…πŸ˜‰

If I explain them, it would take too long to make this post complete. So I kept it short and tried my best. I hope you’re able to understand the root of this Slash.

Let me know your views and reviews on the post in comments…☺☺

Have a wonderful day! ❀

B. M.

17 thoughts on “Slash | Humility // Compliance |

    1. Ohh..
      You are still there Miss…. 😍😍😍.
      Really missing your comments..
      But thank you for this one han !!…..
      Delightful to see uh in my comments section…πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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      1. I am so happy to get back again.. 😊😊
        And getting to read so wonderful posts is just amazing.πŸ‘
        Your posts are worth appreciation Bobby.. 😊😊

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      2. Well…..I’m getting sleepy…. 😴😴..
        And I’m sick today also……
        Good Night…
        And Take care ❀❀
        Kal baat krte hain…

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