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In today’s post, I’m slashing a thing which is probably most focused and trending on all the blogs on WordPress. Everyone talks about that. Yes, you guessed right…It is “The key to happiness – Satisfaction”. I included this one because of its popularity and of course to abolish some fallacies.

So let’s start!!……..

Have you ever thought about the negative side of Satisfaction?

Well, it exists…

It is called ‘Immobility’ which defines as “halt in the development of anything is known as Immobility.”  Immobility comes into play when you try to achieve satisfaction with some kind of intention. In other words, to become happy. This side of satisfaction keeps you from growing. From developing. Furthermore, it keeps you in the illusion that you’re satisfied with whatever you have but in reality, this is not true Satisfaction.


Suppose you got a $ 500 per month job. As you know the quote “Be Satisfied with whatever you have” So will you be happy with $ 500 job because you want to apply that quote in your real life? Or will you do continuous efforts for a much better job so you and your family could live a more easy and happier life?

What would you do?

On one side, you could be so stubborn that I must be satisfied at $ 500. This is life and I must be happy with whatever I have. I have to reflect on the quote. etc.etc. On the other side, you could think about more development, more success like I could do much better than this. I can try to become the manager or start my own business. etc.etc. It is obvious that the decision varies from person to person. But real satisfaction doesn’t mean that you stop your efforts and settle on whatever you have. The actual meaning of Satisfaction is……”Do not think about the fruit. Be satisfied with whatever outcome but continue to do efforts. Due to deviation in the way of thinking, a lot of people misunderstand the concept of Satisfaction.

There’s no business without risks. The negative kind of satisfaction also cut down your ability to take risks in life, your big thinking, your higher thoughts, your progress. You will think not more than what you have achieved. However, you will be happy in the small bubble but you’re gonna miss the rest of the whole world. Many experiences. Many mistakes. Many pleasures. Many joys. You will miss them all just for the sake of one quote and it finally ends with no excitement in life.

To understand the difference between Immobility and Satisfaction is much much important. We all have to acknowledge that in which satisfaction we are living, Is that true or just an illusion?….

The topic also includes the asked slash in the previous post that is Good Greed // Evil Greed. To think about more development, more success is Good Greed but to run blindly for the fruit what you want, is something that we call the Evil way.

In short: Outcome could be anything. Keep your efforts on.

This is all about today’s post. I hope you’d like it.

Have a lovely day everyone ❤

Thank you!

B. M.

17 thoughts on “Slash | Satisfaction // Immobility |

  1. Nicely said. It is true we have to be grateful and satisfy but continue the effort. It is better to be satisfy in our own happiness than money. To have a lot of money is good but it probably only satisfy us for a short time, and after that we might feel unsatisfy. I find the best thing is acceptance and be happy. Have a fantastic week ahead.

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  2. Really a nice post… working hard and with all your heart is important… if you do something with an expectation, it may get you in a pressure of performing and doing something under pressure can never benefit, in a long run..

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  3. Very lovely true and agreed with what you have said.. the real meaning of satisfaction, nicely expressed..

    There are two cases, first when one focus on work, in that case outcome will come automatically and with that person will be satisfied.. but in case second is when one focus on outcome, in that situation work will not be same as in case one when total focus was on work rather than outcome..

    Also, Life is not happy in renouncing the material things, it is just a about having awarnesss that things are there for utility and you can use them.. just point is not to cling with something so much which creates trouble… Just a awarnesss is required!

    Wish you a great journey ahead.. keep writing.. ✍

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    1. Absolutely you got the exact point.
      Clinging with something creates the troubles and traps…..
      You also explained so well..
      Thank you soo much for spending yoir valuable time on reading my post.. ☺☺☺ I’m really really grateful to you…
      Thank you sooo much…

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  4. Fantastic post. Geez, all of this was on my mind just a few hours ago. Reading this reinforced that thought: ‘Be happy and thankful, but continue to grow.’ Great read!

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    1. Thank you so much for this valuable comment…
      Oh you’re around the same bubble a few hours ago??…
      Then we were thinking the same stuff at the same time…. 😯😯..
      Nice coincidence.😄


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