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The previous post was the last post of this series. But a few days ago, I read a quote post by another beautiful blogger. The quote is by Albert Einstein and said:

The true sign of Intelligence is not Knowledge, but Imagination.

This quote prompted me to think about the difference between these three terms and explained them in a post. So the idea of posting this post have formed in my brain.

Check out the blog where I found this: This Door is Alarmed

Now let’s start our last post of the series.

Einstein was the person who saw the world from extremely different and brilliant view. So this quote is also should be viewed by a different angle as it is not by a common person. Einstein says that Knowledge and Imagination are two different things. Now it is said by the greatest scientist of all the 20th century. However, before approving it, we will review it absolutely.

According to the quote, the scale of Intelligence is Imagination, not knowledge. Means, unlike the way it is based upon. Now, what is Imagination?

In my opinion, Imagination itself is based upon Knowledge. It develops from our own knowledge. Using your common knowledge in an extraordinary way is Imagination.


But Einstein says that Intelligence’s true sign is Imagination not knowledge…πŸ€”πŸ€”

Well, he is also true. Of course he is!

Suppose if you have an immense store of knowledge in your head. You know a lot about everything. You know about books. You know about words. You know about the concepts of Life. You know about Psychology so much. You know about how science works. Many many things.


You do not know how to use it in the way different than in which you obtained it. You do not know. For instance, you know a lot about mathematical formulas, but you do not know how to use them in dealing with real-life mathematical problems.

This shows that your Imagination is ZERO. Then what is the use of your this kind of knowledge?


You can make a thousand and thousands of structures using a single piece of an ordinary paper. This is Imagination. This shows how Intelligent you are that you only know that anything could be made out of a piece of paper by molding it in different ways but you use your Imagination on the basis of this little piece of knowledge and use this in thousands and thousands of different ways. This is Intelligence!

Einstein was not the topper of his class. In fact he was dumbest in the class. But what does he had? What did he?……….Β The Imagination.

Generally, we say that who has a lot of knowledge, is certainly an Intelligent person. But it is not necessary. The main thing to be Intelligent is Imagination. And what is Imagination?…..Β To use the basic knowledge in your own ways.

This is the relation between these three.

I’m really grateful to the This Door is Alarmed, who shared this post and gave me another idea of a post and a lot of stuff to learn as I repeated this quote so many times in my mind so I could be able to explain all of you what I learned from this quote.

Well, this is all about our today’s post and the Slash series. After the summary post, I will again come with a different and Brand new idea with a Brand new series.

Thank you very much for all your support and love for this series. It really means a lot to me and helps me to stay stronger in my life. ☺

Thank you sooo much… ❀❀

Have a nice day everyone !! Will be soon right back with the new series…πŸ˜„

B. M.


  1. Many thanks for mentioning my site. Your words send me straight to smiles. I am delighted you read and enjoyed my post and reflected on it yourself. Such excellent think thoughts you have. Simply delightful!


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