So, here we go. This is the first post of the Formation, which is about Self-love. My first Slash was Self Love // Narcissism. So that’s why Self-love is the starting post.

I will keep only the positive terms in the first half of the series then I will pick the negative ones like Narcissism, Lust, Egotism etc. So let’s start our today’s post…

Probably, you have read many of the posts here with the title “what is self-love?” or “how to love yourself” or “10 ways to love yourself” etc.etc. But what do these actually mean to you???….

After reading those posts, now do you have the virtue of Self-love??…Have you applied all the ways to love yourself??…

You may read thousands and thousands of posts related to Self-love and how to evoke this. But only reading will only waste your time…..

Nothing will happen.

Today, I’m not here to give you the ways that how to love yourself or to explain you that what is self-love. I’m not much great who can explain these terms or enough wiser who could show you the right paths. I’m here just to share my own views and thoughts about the Formation of Self-love.

First of all, the terms like Self-love, Narcissism, Love, Lust, etc can’t be explained to the other people. What we all do is that we are sharing our own views and thoughts about these terms and I am here to do the same.

In my opinion and what I have learned from the whole 18 years of my life about Self-love is that…..It is Focus.

Self-love is all about Focus. But I’m not here to tell that what Self-love is about. So skip this step and move to the next.

Our main focus is how Self-love formes in one’s mind?

According to nature, If there’s one thing is present, then the other is absent. If there’s light, there’s no dark. Only one thing can be present in a particular place. Either you are Narcissist or extremely negative person about yourself (Both are same) or you love yourself completely. One thing is present in you and one is absent. But the Focus inside you remains the same.


When you are in Narcissism, your Focus is on the things in which you could take pride. When you are extremely negative, your Focus is on the weaknesses of yourself. But when the same Focus changes and turns up to your original worth, then Self-love occurs. Now how this happens?

When someone admires your work in a particular way, it grabs your attention…means ‘Focus’ and you start to recognize that feature in yourself for what you have been admired. (Thought process). It Initializes the formation of Self-love. However, your Focus still is unstable but it has started to switch to the bright side at least for some time.

What you hear or see around you, certainly affects your Focus. When it is affected positively, your focus switch to the brighter side and you start to notice positive things. Whenever the Self-love occurs in anyone, it always starts from this reaction:

Admiring for some work ➡️ Shifting of Focus ➡️ Positive thoughts about yourself ➡️ Self-love.

But then what, If you’re a strongly Narcissist person??

In this case, the person’s whole building is based on egotistical thoughts. So first, a huge destruction will occur and abolish the building completely. Then on the basis of what he learned from his mistake, he builds a fine building of proper thoughts and grows up in the right direction. So the reaction is:

Big collapse to your Ego ➡️ Regret ➡️ Replacement of thoughts ➡️ Corrected positive thoughts ➡️ Understanding of Self-love.

You can find millions and millions of definitions that how self-love occurs, what is Self-love etc. etc. But what it originally takes …… is Focus. Focus is the most powerful thing we all have. This is the Focus which made us negative. This is the Focus which made us positive. This is the Focus which made us anxious. This is the Focus which made us serene. This is all about Focus.

Whatever I will describe in the upcoming posts or any other thing related to your Life, all are related to Focus. We all need to learn how to shift the Focus instead of searching for how to love yourself or how to stay positive.

This is all for today’s post. I hope you’d like it. Let me know in the comments your views on this post.

Have a wonderful day ❤

B. M.

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