FORMATION | Love & Positivity

Our next term is Love. So I have to explain how love occurs?…. Can I explain this by the way?🤔🤔… Or Can YOU explain this??….

Can anyone explain how love feels like??….

I ask all of you.

Infinite things can’t be enclosed in a few lines. Formally, I can explain that this is love, this happens when you fall in love, when this happens the love occurs, etc.etc.etc. But this wouldn’t make any sense that I’m explaining the God in a few lines. He’s love and can’t be measured. He’s fathomless.

When love kindles in your heart, you automatically got the answers of the questions that what is love, how it evokes, how it feels like, etc.etc. I do not need to explain to everyone that look people look, this is the way of love and it happens in this way. It can’t be explained either. That’s why I have added my next post also there, so you could find something useful to read here.

Now our focus is on Positivity………..

How positivity occurs by the way?🤔

In one of my quote challenge posts, I posted a quote If you remember. It says:

“Positivity is imperfect without negativity.”

That means you have to cross through negative thoughts first. Then those thoughts will transform into positive thoughts.

What is TRANSFORMATION then??…

How your thoughts Transform??…

This is our today’s Focus.


First and foremost, one thing is clear that either you are Negative or you’re a Positive person. You can’t be both. If you say that you’re positive about this thing and negative for this thing. Then, your magnitude is Zero.

Suppose I’m an extremely negative person. (indeed I were 2 years ago in my life) I have to change my thoughts. I have to transform them into positivity. So how it will begin?

There are several ways to begin this process. Might be you become inspired by someone’s life or something you really like. Might be you start to change the atmosphere of your surroundings. Or maybe you start to monitor your thoughts on your own.

There is one thing common in these three ways. Their progress is Super Steady. So instead of explaining all the three ways, I’d go further with this single equality that it could be easy for you to understand.

In my case, it took me 2 years to transform my negative thoughts into positive and there is still some negativity inside me. I hope it won’t increase now however some will remain forever.

In the beginning, one natural thing happens with everyone. Beginning of one of the above three ways. You can say this that God directs you on the right path. In my case, I inspired by something. Something about which I really talk about. And that was……. Electronic Dance Music, which killed my negative vibes.

But a very interesting thing is that I never knew that the joy of music is actually fading my negative thoughts. I wasn’t aware of this process. And the same thing will happen to you. You will not be aware when the Transformation in your mind will take place. After several years of the process, then you will realize that this was the thing who has changed your life. Like me….when I think about that how I become who I am today, the answer bounces back is Electronic Dance Music.

One thing I want to add more to the process is that if you continuously shout out to yourself or to other people that You’re so negative. You can’t think on the positive side. You can’t do anything etc.etc., Then your these thoughts can actually kill your inside. They are poison for your mind and your own mind creates them. How??…….. The answer is Focus. The most powerful weapon we all own. But your mind misuses it and harms yourself. Why you say those things to yourself??..because your mind’s direction of Focus is on Negativity. Means lack of Self-love.

Do you remember this demonstration from the post “Slash | Self Love // Narcissism | :

Look here:

🚩 // 🌍 // 🏴

The red flag is the Negative Feelings. When we cross the first Slash, we enter into the real green world. And when we cross the next Slash, we enter into the Black shadow or Black Picture of our World.

That means, if you do not have Self-love, there’s Negativity inside you. Self-love is all about positivity.

So basically, You need one positive thing. It may be Self-love or it may be Positivity. If you have one, then you have the second one too, and all the good virtues of the world. Because the positive rings are connected in a chain. All the positivity comes under the sky of Love and everyone has at least one good virtue.

So Love yourself.

Love people.

Love Nature.

Love God.

You are all positive man!!!!……

Stay positive Stay inspired.

Have a wonderful day ❤

B. M.

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