FORMATION | Humility ¤ Satisfaction ¤ Imagination

Since this is my fourth post in the series and I’m again exhausted today because of traveling. Yesterday I hadn’t much in my mind to write about the following terms.

I’ve been a quite inconsistent in blogging from the last couple of weeks which is not a good sign and also degrading the blog. Statistically, right now I’m enduring a loss of more than 500 views because of my inconsistency. But I’m trying my best to provide you some quality stuff every day. I hope I’ll be consistent in this week.

Because of the gap of last day and the short explanation of the following terms, I’m adding the remaining three terms in this post.

So here are three terms: 1. Humility

2. Satisfaction 3. Imagination

Let’s talk about them one by one:

Humility –


From one point of view, you can say that Humility is something that is God gifted to the people who has this because it can’t be produced by your own efforts. Like if you say…. I am going to develop humility in myself by defeating my anger and being sweet to all the people…Things like this………

But you can’t do anything. This won’t be so natural. This would be so unreal and remain for only a short period of time.

But on the other phase, there are some people who actually have changed themselves to the opposite they used to be. Like a very angry or grumpy person could be changed to a soft sweet talker (my example 😉) or vice versa. So this means it is possible to form Humility in yourself.

First of all, this happens by itself. We do not need to start up or set up the things for this. The things start by a big Trauma. Yes… A mental Trauma. Once everything smashed up in your mind. Then slowly a new world starts to establish in your life where everything is better and different (In a positive case only. In opposite, the things become worse) than they used to be. There you gain every moral, every value and recreate yourself. (This is the play of God). Now, what is the concept of Humility in this?

When someone puts negative comments on our work or some kind of project, obviously we get upset. This is natural. But when that guy praise a person who is better than you in the same field and you also know that, then you become jealous. (Notice it in your life, if you haven’t). For example, If I become a good Electronic Dance Music Artist and then someone would say that Marshmello is way better than me and I become jealous from Marshmello and get huffed on the person who’s praising him. What it shows???……

This shows that I’m full of Narcissism, means lack of true Self-love, full of anger and jealousy, means ZERO in Humility.

This is where Humility comes in action when you would have been experienced a big crash in your life. You used to get jealous before, but now the formation of humility occurs as you learned the true way of life. Now when someone praises Marshmello, I also become more respectful to him and more loyal and humble to the person who is praising him. This is how Humility works!

Furthermore, if you see closely the word ‘Humility’, It is actually the formation of two things: Humanity + Loyalty = Humility.

When something happens bad to you even after thousands and thousands of prayers, then also you become angry with God. Because you only devoting him for good. You do not want bad. Means, you are attached to the comfort zone. But this is not Nature’s rule. You have to walk on thorns if you want a bed of roses. If you really have Humility, you won’t be flittered on the thorns. Your mind will remain in the same position, whether it’s a track of thorns or a bed of roses. This is also Humility.

Satisfaction –


Satisfaction is very much related to Humility. This is the main phase and humility actually develops from Satisfaction. You know very well that what is Satisfaction. Visit this link for further reading – Slash | Satisfaction // Immobility.

When your greed and jealousy from others start to decline, it gives a boost to your Satisfaction. The more is the Greed, the less is the Satisfaction. It is simple. How to attain Satisfaction now??……

Obviously you will not search on the Internet how to achieve satisfaction. Figuring out your thoughts by yourself is the true way to find the answer to any question. Though it takes a lot of practice and you need to shift your focus to Good type of Greed. (little complex na??!!…I’ll explain the concept of Focus, Power and Shifting in further posts).

Imagination –


Imagination is the thing unfortunately which can’t be formed. It is what it is and as it is as it was from the beginning. These terms do not need any words or any definitions.

What you think what is Imagination is your Imagination. – This is what I say about this.

Being not defined, it has the infinite number of definitions. Why??…

Because this is Imagination.

A beautiful blogger Nishtha Shukla has a beautiful thought about Imagination:

There can not be any definition of something that has no limits.

So, Imagination has no limits.

I hope you’d like this post. I think I struggled somewhere to explain the things. Let me know in the comments, how did I explain them?…!!…

I will wait for your responses 🙂

Have a lovely day everyone ❤

B. M.


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