FORMATION | Narcissism

Well, the formation of positive things have been over and it’s time to explain the other phase.

Our first topic is Narcissism. A very popular term on WordPress. I think you have read a lot about Narcissism. So let me know first in the comments that how do you define the Narcissism?

As I told in my earlier posts that I still struggle with Narcissism but it has been improved a lot and yet to be improved more. So I will share here my own experience with Narcissism and try to figure you out that what empowers it!?……

Narcissism is something which is already present in every human. It then develops with time and life experiences. A little child has also some feelings of Narcissism because he observes the things around him very sharply and the Narcissism is everywhere in the present world. Every single person is a Narcissist. Although, it doesn’t mean that the whole people are bad and can’t control the Narcissism. It can be controlled, but with strong willpower and without actually harming your mentality.


Narcissism is a thing which develops from Self-love which turned astray from the right direction. In Self-love, you admire yourself. Read the line carefully, “you ADMIRE yourself.” You admire your every work. You praise and love your actions and from this admiring and praising, two things occur: True Self-love & Narcissism.

Yes, this is the evil face of praise. You praise yourself, it’s good. You feel good and positive for yourself. But it quickly turns into a curse if you haven’t a superior control on your mind and thoughts. This is obvious when some other person appreciates your work, it feels really good. It’s an awesome feeling. But it can trap you in its love and when you fall in love with this feeling, It raises Narcissism. You want this everytime now. You want people to praise for your every single work. You can’t hear any criticism about yourself which makes you weak. It’s like a coconut. Hard from outside, hollow from inside. And when someone hit this with enough power, it completely bruises your Ego. This is what is called…A mental Trauma.

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Narcissism is not entirely related with only downside of Self-love. Doing a good deed and taking pride in it that you actually did that also raises Narcissism. Fake show-off to the people that you’re really a kind-hearted empowers it more. If you do any work with the intention to get the reward for your hard work and luckily you achieve that reward, it also reinforces the Narcissism multiple times.

When you are in Narcissism, two things most often happen to you:

One – When you hear Praise for your work from people, your every single bone feel like it’s the only one in the Universe.

Two – When you hear Criticism, your every single bone will burn in anger and frustration.

These are two main symptoms that you’re a Narcissist person. A few thousand out of millions can actually become aware of these and a handful can actually do efforts to fight with them.

I think I kept it very short but might be useful to you. So let me know your views on this post. I’m willing to interact. 🙂

Have a wonderful day ❤

B. M.

14 thoughts on “FORMATION | Narcissism

  1. The classic narcissist plays the game of “King of the Hill” for keeps. He or she does whatever they can to maintain their position and discourages others in their efforts to attain prominence.

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  2. Yup, I absolutely hate it when people brag about themselves. It’s one think to love oneself and completely other thing to irritate others by always talking oneself. Humbleness won’t kill. I wish people understood the difference.

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    1. Yup…. Hope is a big thing. We can hope that someday a big collapse will happen to them and their ego will be completely smashed on the ground and they’ll be a better person.
      Thank you so much for sharing your views. ☺
      It really means a lot!!…
      Have a nice day Pearl !❤❤

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  3. I have an officemate who had that. I don’t know whether it’s a behaviour or whatsoever, but it’s really annoying when you want to share a story but you can’t because he/she kept interrupting to share his/her own version of the story and brag about him/herself. The story always focuses on him/her being the BEST IN EVERY ASPECT, even though he/she is not. 🙄

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    1. Yeah, it is present in people’s behaviour like they only want to focus on their own things and stories.
      If someone tries to share his/her story with them, they don’t give much attention….like… “No no, this is nothing. Mine story is really interesting Or Mine story is really hard. You can’t imagine how hard i work!! Can you ?””…Things like this.
      And obviously it’s kinda annoying and sometimes hard to spend time with those people……

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