Today’s topic is really sensitive and related to the practice about which nobody wants to talk about. Even the girls (not all, but a category) feel awkward when the word is even written somewhere or pronounced. I think now all of you have been guessed about what I am talking.

Yes, you guessed right, It is SEX.

And my today’s topic is Lust which is related to the former term. Now what exactly is Lust, do you know??… Do I know?….

Well, everyone has different opinions and I respect each and every. In my opinion, Lust is a thing which is really necessary for sexual intercourse. Also, it plays an important role in love and relationships.


If you say that Lust is a bad thing then maybe you are wrong. Lust isn’t bad but the bad intentions and focus make it bad. What I am talking???…

Read further –

First of all, Lust is completely a natural thing in every single creature of this Universe. If you crave that you want to get rid of Lust, then hey stop!!… You’re hurting your own self. If you’re doing this, it’s like you’re distorting the Nature because the Lust ignites the feelings of sexual intercourse and sex is the way through which life produces.

So it can’t be stopped. Then what is the problem??…….

The problem is not in your eyes, in your hands, in your body or anywhere else. It is in your mind who likes to enjoy all kinds of pleasures forever. Sex is one of the wonderful pleasure created by God and lust is its feedback. Lust accelerates the sexual feelings which further allure your mind to actually experience that wonderful pleasure. This type of mind is called “Lustful Mind” and nothing’s wrong in it. The problem is created when it runs out of control and the mind becomes hungry like a greedy dog. It is then called “Incorrect Lustful Mind”.

Now the question is how it is formed and the science behind it?…

Too much lust feelings is an imbalance between the sex and the pleasure of Love. Love is a feeling and the emotions contained in it and Sex is a pleasure for both the genders. A bad lustful mind has lack of feelings and emotions towards his partner and only wants to enjoy her body again and again. So, the lack of feelings and love thrives the feelings of Lust.

The root point is the same that the people are enough attached and indulged in pleasure so they have been forgotten the feelings and emotions in this Dark Age. There are very few people who have a perfect balance between the pleasures and feelings. And this is the major reason of breakups just after a few months.

Being lustful isn’t bad, but being emotionless is worse. Without emotions and feelings, a higher orgasm can’t be obtained. Rather, he adds more sins, demerits, and poisons in himself because of this disequilibrium.

If you’re a girl and reading this, please give your views on Lust, Sex and Love.

It’s important.

I will wait for your views. ❀

Have a nice day everyone ❀

B. M.

16 thoughts on “FORMATION | Lust

  1. Hello Friend. I just read your post about lust. I think I understand where you are coming from. However, I must say that lust is bad. When we like someone, we like them for who they are, sex is just part of the package, not the whole package. If I am allowed to put a biblical spin on things, let me say this: harboring lust creates allowances for the devil to entice you into sin. Sex is not just physical, it is spiritual. There are soul ties and major spiritual bonds that form during sexual relations. We need to make sure that we are not lusting after people, or just lusting in general, lust is a sin. If we have the spirit of lust, we need to learn to control our bodies.

    Dear friend, simply because something feels natural and feels like something that our bodies are craving does not mean that it is good. For example, when we make the decision to eat healthy foods, our bodies sometimes crave junk food. We all know that junk food is bad, but our bodies still crave it. The body is all about satisfaction, but the mind is about reason. We need to conform our bodies to our minds, and not our minds to our bodies, because our bodies consistently leads us down the wrong path sometimes.

    If you deal with the spirit of lust, you can get over it. God can give you the power to overcome sin.

    Say this prayer with me:
    “Father lord, thank you for all your mercies towards me. Thank you lord for all your efforts for my salvation. Father I pray that my ways will be aligned with your word. I pray that my mind, body and soul will yearn to be obedient to the words of God. Father, I loosen myself from any ties binding me to the spirit of lust in Jesus name. Father I cancel that connection and seek refuge in you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen”

    If you wish to start a relationship with God (if you do not already have one), here are the steps that I usually recommend:

    1) find a quiet space free from distractions, a place where you can pray.

    2) imagine that Jesus is in front of you, talk to him the way you will with a close friend. Tell him that you are ready to accept him, invite him to come into your life and become your lord and personal savior. Ask for forgiveness of past sins. Tell Jesus that you want to die to your old self and be reborn as a new creation in him. Pray that you inherit eternal life and the kingdom of God. Beware of sudden distractions when you pray, this is a trick the devil uses to stop us from having focused prayers. You might also get the feeling that God is not there or that you are simply wasting your time, this is another trick that the devil uses to discourage us from prayers.

    3) If you have any specific prayers, or something specific that you need, you can ask it in Jesus name, and God would attend to the prayers. God usually has three answers to prayers: Yes, Yes but wait, and No. God has a reason for every answer, and his answers are usually what is best for you. When you pray, you need to have faith that you will receive. God does not like it when we pray but doubt his ability to provide what we want for us. Lastly, prayers and faith without works wont bring results. E.g. If all a person does is prays and has faith that they would get a job, without actually applying to jobs, they WOULD NOT get a job. God does not work that way, God loves hard-working people, and God rewards hard-work. If all Christians had to do is pray, have faith, and stay home all day awaiting a blessing, Christians would be the laziest people on earth. LOL. Your part is to pray that God should fast-track your success, so that you recieve your blessings quicker than people who are relying on their own strength. Your blessings might also come in a bigger way. Remember to thank God when you get the answers to your prayers.

    4) Read the bible and obey it. You can find free bibles online. You can also find free bible apps on google play. Keep praying all the time and maintain a connection with God.

    5) Trials and tribulations may come your way, sometimes these are designed to test your faith, and sometimes they are simply tricks from the devil to get you to denounce the religion. At times like this, you pray to God, you fast, and you maintain consistency in the faith, this way, God would lift you above all trials and afflictions.

    6) You can join a community of bible believing Christians. Having friends who are believers would keep you on track, and the conversations about the religion would be beneficial to your faith.

    7) Get a water baptism, and pray to God so that you can receive a baptism in the holy spirit.

    Have a blessed day.


    1. Correct….πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘….
      Thank you so much for giving your opinion. I thought nobody will read this post but only drop a like. But you are the first one…..πŸ™‚πŸ™‚.
      Thank you sooo much ❀❀❀❀😘😘😘😘

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