The second name of Narcissism is Egotism. Both are the two sides of the same coin and forms from the same thing. Egotism includes me me me syndrome and it’s like a bamboo tree. Higher and higher but no fruits.

Formation of Egotism is spontaneous. Means it is present in your behavior and nature from the very beginning. At some point in life, obviously you hear some praise for your works and jobs which is not a bad thing but somehow it triggers your ego. It’s like your ego is feeding and getting more stronger and turning into a hard rough coconut. Egotism actually reigns over you and push you to do the things to save itself. As a result, Narcissism, Anger, Jealousy, Greed, and the other demerits sprout in your mind. In short words, “Death doesn’t kill you, It’s your Ego who do.” In other words, Egotism keeps you away from your original self.


Furthermore, Egotism also works as a hallucination of Confidence and Positivity. It deludes you that you are Confident every time, but in fact, it’s not only the overconfidence but also a horrible ego. The only way to get rid of ego is to acknowledge that nothing is permanent. Everything changes with time, so the things you take pride in will also not remain the same. The true word of God is the only fire which can burn the ego. If you admit that the life you’re living and the things you’re doing is not by your own but the Almighty’s plan, it turns your ego into ashes.

But why it is so hard to admit so? Because a human mind loves comfort. He doesn’t want to change himself a bit and Egotism and pride give him a lot of comfort and freedom to claim anything as his own. So according to his sticky nature, he sticks with the pride feelings enough that it becomes almost impossible to split him off. But it’s still possible if you believe in the word of God.

Well, I have nothing much for this topic because it is same as Narcissism. So check out the previous post FORMATION | Narcissism.

So what is your definition of Ego?

Let me know in the comments.

Have a nice day ❤

B. M.


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