FORMATION | Compliance

Imagine if a Narcissist person reigns over you and give orders whatever he wants you to do!!?…

How would it feel like to you??…

Obviously, not pleasant.

You can ignore him first time, second time, third time…but not fourth. You will surely take some kind of action and maybe you get rid of that person soon. However, it doesn’t happen to everyone. For some people, the story is completely different. Most of them have a reserved nature and many are helpless to do anything, which makes them obey the orders of a Narcissist. This scenario pops up the problem called Compliance about which I am talking in this post.


This happens because you are too much loyal and your humility makes you weak to protest against the wrong happening with you. Or might be you are afraid of the future results and have some restraints or you are dependent on the person.

Let’s take the first case that you are too much loyal. Now why you’re too much obedient?…..

This depends on your parenting and the way they have treated you since your childhood. Maybe they have taught you to obey the elders, follow the rules, things like this……and once you disregarded them and then they rebuked you and punished you as you didn’t follow their words. In other words, they have dealt with you with too much strictness. Now this happens with every child in the world as they care about you and this is their right so it can’t be changed. But then what if you are an Introvert and they are unable to understand you and treat you like the other children??……

This works differently for the introverts because the treatment like this presses them under pressure and depression and they become more afraid to refuse anyone’s act or word. That’s why mostly Introverts face this problem and I am one of them. Apart from this, they also face some serious problem like exploitation, anxiety disorders etcetera at later stages of life.

People like this, when trap into such problems are played on by the whole world as they are helpless to raise the voice because of improper parenting. That’s how the problem of Compliance comes into the light.

So whatever you are, whoever you are, it is important to raise a voice to save yourself from such kind of traps. They can become even more awful. Parents also need to properly treat their children and behave with them sincerely. A lot of strictness on them could trouble them at one stage of life or other.

So, this is the today’s post about Compliance. Please share your views in the comments section!

Thank you for reading!

B. M.


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