A human being has a thousand needs because he wants to live a quality life. He chases them and runs for them relentlessly and when he gets them, he runs for more and a new race begin from the beginning.

This happens because a human mind is so fickle and irresistible. It indulges itself into the pleasures and needs and demand for more and runs this human body. This is what we call Greed.

Greed is present in every single human being because we all are humans and have a mind. Reckoning every wish of your mind is the biggest mistake a human being does because our mind is our enemy being the closest friend and rules over us very cleverly. It forms everything. Formation of Greed also is the production of our mind when it enjoys any particular thing and makes an attachment to it. Anything that gives him a pleasure, he becomes avid for that. Even though the pleasure he gets is for a very short period of time and not permanent, but it is the hardest thing to be admitted by him. That’s why the demon of Greed is super powerful.

Greed can be for anything. Greed for money is popular in the world because money can give you everything. An expensive lifestyle, power, luxury, fandom, whatever you want. But not love, happiness, satisfaction, things like this. Greed is the inverse of Satisfaction so it forms also alternatively to the Satisfaction.

Do you remember the post? FORMATION | Humility ¤ Satisfaction ¤ Imagination.

And this passage:

When your greed and jealousy from others start to decline, it gives a boost to your Satisfaction. The more is the Greed, the less is the Satisfaction. It is simple. How to attain Satisfaction now??……

It takes a lot of practice and you need to shift your focus to Good type of Greed.

Yes, you need to Shift your focus to Good type of Greed. Greed isn’t bad, but your focus and intentions are.

Read further post Slash | Need // Greed for more clearance.

This is all about today’s post. Let me know your views on this post. 😄😄

Have a beautiful day ❤

B. M.


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