FORMATION | Energy |Additional Post

There was an additional post for the series and I just forgot to mention yesterday…😧…So sorry for that to all my readers…😬

I really wanted to add this topic in Formation series but it wasn’t in the Slash series so I kept this as an additional post.

Do you remember these quotes I posted a few days ago?? :

“Incautiously when a needle pricks in your butt,

It generates a huge amount of ENERGY in your body.

The same energy you need to fly off for your dreams.”

“Give some fire to your A**, so you could become a Rocket.”

In both the cases, If it happens to you the energy will generate in your body.

The core point in these quotes is that you need something that hurt you and give you an instant boost. It works for your mentality too. For example, if you have a firm believe that you can achieve something big you want to achieve and then the people around you start to daunt you that you can’t do this. You can’t achieve. You will fail. By hearing these taunts your mind generates a huge amount of Energy and push you to show them that You can. These taunts actually are the needles to your butt that boost you up to do whatever you want to do.

Energy can be produced in so many ways for so many purposes. One popular problem most people face is getting up early in the morning. Almost all of them are addicted to the phone I think. So if you try the traditional way of alarm to wake up, it won’t work as you can switch it off. But I have an unusual way to solve this problem.

Suppose if you wake up and haven’t found your phone on your bed, you will jump like a Tiger and search it everywhere on the bed, then you will buzz all around in the home and there’s a big ruffle.

Just two minutes ago, you were sleeping so calmly. Then abruptly you perk up and running everywhere. This means your phone also can produce Energy if someone hides it somewhere else when you are sleeping. Even a couple of times when I awake in the midnight and didn’t find my phone on the bed, I immediately jumped from the bed and quickly turn on the light start to finding it even it’s 1.30 p.m. 😝😝

But it won’t work actually to wake you up. It only works when it happens randomly. You need to inspire yourself if you want to wake up early. (I’m still struggling in it 😜).

Well, this is the concept of Energy which you need to achieve your aims and it comes from Criticism. All you need to don’t take it negatively and always look to the bright side.

I hope you’d like this post.

Let me know in the comments if you have this wake-up problem…🙄

Have a great day everyone ❤

B. M.


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