Well, it’s finally over and it’s been the toughest series for me so far. But I learned a lot from it and enjoyed it. Maybe you learned from it too.

Basically, the idea of the series is to explain the process of Formation of things like Self love, Narcissism, Lust etc. The series is derived from the Slash Series as all the posts are based on the same titles.

The aim was to give you a more clear understanding of these things. I hope it is a little bit helpful to all my readers.

So, this is what we got in the series:

1. FORMATION | Self Love

2. FORMATION | Love & Positivity

3. FORMATION | Humility ¤ Satisfaction ¤ Imagination

4. FORMATION | Narcissism


6. FORMATION | Egotism

7. FORMATION | Compliance

8. FORMATION | Greed

9. FORMATION | Immobility

10. FORMATION | Knowledge

11. FORMATION | Energy

Please let me know in the comments how much did you enjoy the series. So I could improve myself more.

I’ll be really grateful to you. 😄😄❤

Have a great day everyone ❤

B. M.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment ❤
      Well for next week, I will post some extraordinary posts related to the concept of Blind Likes. Tip :- Don’t read them blindly. Be careful. 😉


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