Genetic Narcissism

I’m here with another post related to Narcissism. But this one is really a different one from all the other posts. I discovered a new kind of Narcissism probably it’s already existing but I just realized this a few days ago. Possibly, this type of Narcissism we all have. I named it the “Genetic Narcissism”.

Narcissism which is transferred through genes to us from our parents is known as Genetic Narcissism. This means the parents were Narcissists and they transferred this quality to their child. That’s why their child too, is a Narcissist person today. Thus, Narcissism itself is a natural phenomenon and still present with respect to time.


A lot of people do not even realize or try to find that why they are Narcissists. That’s why they remain Narcissist all their life and live like their parents and transfer the Narcissism genetically to their off-springs. It does not stop here, later their children develop the Narcissism more by observing their parents. This is a common case. Now come to the other kind of people:

There is also the other kind of people who realize that they are Narcissist because of their parents. They do not want to live a miserable life full of Narcissism, but all their efforts to eliminate this curse from their life aren’t working. They want to be a better person but they’re helpless as this is transferred to them genetically. They do not want to act like a Narcissist. They do not want to have that kind of thoughts but………….Nothing goes right for them. Continuously they’re fighting with themselves…….

Will they survive??….

This is my today’s question for you guys.

We all know that Genetic things are almost impossible to change. If you have the same habit as your father, it’s really hard to get rid of. I’m one of them who are struggling with this kind of Narcissism. But I think it’s possible to break this rule of Nature. Because Nature itself says that anything can’t be 100% perfect, then how this rule could be??….

All the people around here who are struggling with this, need to continue their efforts and follow good people. Surround yourself with loyal people. Interact with them. Learn from them. And on the top of it, Don’t be anxious.

This post will never be completed without your views friends. So whoever showed interest in this post, kindly share your views on this and who are struggling with it. We can help each other a lot. I’ll be enough grateful to you for doing this. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful day my Friends ❀

B. M.

9 thoughts on “Genetic Narcissism

  1. Well I guess surroundings effect who you are, but it doesn’t mean you can’t change it.
    Pablo Escobar was the greatest drug lords in the world. He was also the most ruthless. He used to kill so many people who didn’t do things according to him. Yet, his son turned out to be nothing like him. Even when he was surrounded by his father and his wealth he somehow figured out a life different from all this. Acknowledging you have a problem is a good start. That were mot people fail. Now it’s all about working on it.

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    1. Absolutely…..
      Thank you for sharing this story here…….
      I really appreciate it…..
      Thank you so much Lavanya..


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