Lines || Making of a Portrait ||

I’m only posting Graphics from last few days. I just realized that I should post something out of the line now. So the concept of “Lines” hit in my mind.

Today I’ll discuss the Concept of Lines in this post. Let’s start then!


First of all, what are Lines??….

The lines I’m talking about here are not those lines what you know. Your decisions, your steps and your moves you make in your Life are Lines. Drawing Lines make beautiful portraits and landscapes as we all know. And so the Lines of Life shape your Life and they do that beautifully.

But here’s a problem..😟😟😟..

People want that all the lines they draw must be STRAIGHT. In other words, people don’t want to make the wrong decisions. They want their decision to be perfect every time. Then how their portrait would become beautiful??… I mean, a portrait is the combination of some straight lines, some curled lines, some distorted lines, and some completely misplaced lines. Then why you’re afraid of drawing the lines??….

Whatever decision you take, is an important part of your portrait and it supposed to be present in the portrait. No matter it is perfect according to you, no matter it is distorted. But…… It is a line, an important texture.

Don’t regret after drawing a line. It might look clumsy just after drawn. But you got to draw a lot more. You can use that clumsy line as a texture along with the upcoming lines. And when it will be finished, you will see…Everyone will admire that clumsy line the most. The magic will happen, the drawing will be beautiful. Just believe!

Hope you liked it!

Thank you!

B. M.


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