|| Friends ||

Since the day I have become a teacher, one thing hit in my mind again and again like a Squash ball on the wall. It is something related to the comparison between friends and teachers. Sometimes I wonder that to become a teacher is worth it??….

The definition of a teacher is “the person who gives knowledge to the young ones and teach them about a specific thing.”

Just read this definition again and at a deeper level. Can you feel something related to Narcissism even to a little extent?…. I mean the definition says, “Who gives knowledge”. The meaning is bigger and deeper than these three words if you sense.

I don’t know but something’s there what I don’t like and I’m not comfortable in becoming a teacher. I feel that I’m not that much wiser person who can teach others and don’t ask the younger ones to teach me anything. Life always keeps teaching us. So how could we only TEACH the others??…. I think aside from this, we should learn from the young ones by keeping down the ego of being a teacher. (If you’re a teacher) Of course, we should teach them but in a way that somehow is different from today’s trend of a teacher. And that way is called………”Friendly”.

This single word speaks it all. Friendly means like a Friend. Teach your students like a friend. Just become friends with them. Share all the things with them like you do with your real friends. No other relations like you’re a teacher and they’re your students. Just build a friendship in the class. 😀😀 And they’ll connect with you by heart and learn a lot more from you.❤

Friendship is the only relationship in which people can do both things – teach and learn. Just love the people around you. This is what life is about.

“A person can never teach anything as a TEACHER. A person can never learn anything as a STUDENT.” – My Philosophical Opinion.

So, should I say that becoming a Friend is more beneficial than becoming a person who only teaches??…..

Share your respected opinions.

Thank you!

B. M.

10 thoughts on “|| Friends ||

  1. The teachers are the ones that provide knowledge through their learning and experience. Teachers obviously are older than their students, generally, especially if the ages they teach are younger than college level. This alone enables the teacher to offer their knowledge and experience to the students. This is true in most relationships. We learn from our elders. A teacher has a unique responsibility to imbue the students with lessons, teaching moments, coaching, and support. The definition of imbue; inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality. It is only available if the individual is learned, and experienced and cares about the students development. I remember most of my teachers and the ones I learned most from were people that I could look up to and respect and who respected and understood what I needed or what information or lesson would be best to teach me what I needed to know. Of course students learn from each other as well, but the education a teacher receives is specialized and empowers the teacher.
    Finally, teachers are anything but narcissistic but rather give of themselves selfishly to help students learn and become knowledgeable, educated adults. Parents trust teachers to do just that when their children are in school and not with them at home. I think it is one of the most important professions within a society because teachers help shape future generations of educated, caring and responsible people.

    If you love what you do I hope you feel empowered by this discussion.

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    1. Well first of all, thank you so much for giving your important time to this post and for this detailed comment..😀
      I definitely agree with your point of view. Teachers are responsible to shape the students’ future.
      This post is about that some teachers are egotistical that they’re meant to teach, not to learn. They’re strict on the students also.
      All I want to say is that the relationship of a teacher and a student shouldn’t be like this. I mean the students shouldn’t be afraid of their teacher. And the teachers shouldn’t be in Ego that they’re only meant for teaching, they don’t need to learn anything now, because they have started to GIVE knowledge.
      That’s where the Friendship is the solution…..
      Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion on this. ❤
      Really means a lot. ☺

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  2. I agree that the teacher needs to be friends with the children they teach. But how much can this be possible? Teachers have their boundaries and being friends to children in a class of 40(or more) is quite difficult. I had very good teachers when I was studying but they never got the time to really interact with each one of us individually cos they were busy and had to take 7-8 classes or more of different standards. Nice post and keep writing. ☺️

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    1. I’m not saying that the teachers should Individually interact with everyone in the class. It’s not possible obviously. All I say is this that they should teach all the class just like a friend. A friend means…. Like the students do not afraid of the teacher or say that “this master is so strict and egotistical.”…..Like.. There shouldn’t be any Ire or anger in teacher towards students and vice versa. That’s what the whole post is about.☺

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    2. Oh yes, I totally agree with you. I may have misunderstood your first note on this important subject.
      If a teacher is mean to the students and acting egoically, in my opinion they should be disciplined. Children and students mean the world to me and all of us. They are our future.
      Going out on a limb here but if your school or college has a council, it would be great to reach out to them on this important subject but in a professional manner and not pointing to any specific individual but as a community of teachers they must all agree on the importance of creating and maintaing a positive learning culture for the students.
      Since you are passionate about this topic you can lead by example.

      Thank you for your good work here.


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      1. Hi, I’m Sorry for the late response. I just even didn’t notice your comment at the moment…..
        Well, It’s a great Idea to take this topic to a higher level. Might be I’ll think about to make this step. ..🙂
        Thank you so much for your support on this topic and seeing the worthiness in my writing….🤗🤗❤
        It really means a lot.. 😘❤❤.

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  3. a problem. how do you teach without teaching? how do you become a friend when there are boundaries you have to maintain? when i think back to the best teachers i had, i don’t think of the ones who were necessarily the friendliest. i think of the ones who listened, who spend time with me, who didn’t dismiss my questions, who were willing to spend time with me when i asked questions, who showed me i had value. perhaps that is a kind of friendship, after all.

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    1. The things you mentioned here, I called them “Friendly”. The only difference is that I don’t accept boundaries…..
      Well, teaching is not necessary If you want to teach someone anything. Just teach them with words.
      You know!!?… Today I just read a quote just related to this that It is not necessary to have that virtue, If you really want to do that thing….
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting….❤😄

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