A Message to the Students

Hi everyone,

Hope you all having a great Sunday. 🤗

Well, I’m struggling a bit to get the ideas for blogging because of my work. But I’m getting some Ideas related to Student life being a teacher. So my today’s post is for the students who are struggling with their studies, exams and the stuff.

Here we go –

Yesterday I just realized a serious problem of today’s students when three beautiful girls came to me and told that they’re worried and stressed about their exam. It made me realize that also the Students face states like anxiety, stress, and depression due to their studies. The thoughts threw me back a couple of years ago when I heard a news about a student that she killed herself due to mental instability.

I searched some data about the suicide rates of Students but I didn’t get the exact data of students. However, I come to know that 800,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year, of these 135,000 (17%) are residents of India. Plus in India, a student commits suicide every hour. It means, 24 students commit suicide every day in India. This rate has been even more increased in the year 2017-18. It’s a surprising suicide rate for everyone I think.

I read a couple of more articles on TOI and there’s one thing common in all of them. They attempted suicide because they didn’t get sufficient marks in the exams.

Now, this one totally beat me up and drove me to write this article. Students kill themselves only because of the exams. In some cases, they’re pressurized by the family to get impressive grades in the exams. Thus they can’t vent out their stress anywhere. Neither in school nor at home. I experienced this also when I was a child however not for too long. But what about them who actually face this for so long?…..


In today’s world, a notion is really popular, “More marks, more Intelligent”, which is totally wrong in my opinion. Exams and the marks in exams can never tell about the potential and talent in you. The purpose of the exams is to check if you really have knowledge about that subject and the marks indicate your memory power precisely, means how much you can remember?

So basically they are not related to the real talent or the potential you have. They’re just to check the ability of your memory power. This is obvious that one can have a good memory power and the other cannot. This doesn’t mean that you are less intelligent. If it really would true then the Einstein would be so unworthy. Isn’t it??…….

But the solid fact which creates this whole trauma is that……this world runs on numbers. It is blind to see the abilities. You gotta show your abilities. The world is obsessed with grades. Don’t worry about it too much. Don’t run after the marks or worry about the marks. Just live your life, you have only one. Would you end it up just because of f*cking marks which are unworthy to test the real you??…..

Don’t think about to put a full stop. This stop will symbolize that you have lost against the evil, the world. It’s not the way you’re meant to be. You’re born to show the abilities you have, your shine, your talent. These things are so much higher than a certificate with A+ grade. The doors are always opened for you. Just you gotta believe that the light you’re seeing in front of your eyes is real and coming from the end of the tunnel. Start your journey instead of halting it.

What’s your opinion about this?…. Do you agree with the Memory Power concept??…. Let me know in the comments. 🤗 Waiting for ya!

Thanks for reading!

B. M.


  1. I am a student in Masters and I must admit that till this date, exams give me anxiety and make me depressed. Since I have grown up facing the same, it has become so difficult for me to deal with deadlines because they have been negatively co related for me in the form of exams! I am teaching students in an NGO too, and I really struggle at times for am scared that I will impose my own fears on them, even if it be for their exams.

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  2. One harsh reality I faced an interview I recently gave was that how week are our concepts because of it. The ones I could answer were those that I spent time learning on my own with far less stress. I guess the main problem is more people less jobs. That’s where it all gets tricky. To get the best of everything you have to compete. It’s not a good way but unless we improve our colleges sadly thit is the only way.

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    1. You’re right Lavanya…..
      It’s not the way the things meant to be for students. Numbers are nothing but a hallucination….
      Thanks much for giving your opinion on this…….
      I owe you…..🙂🙂❤❤….

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  3. I can’t agree more on the memory concept.. yes..it is a test of memory rather than ability..not any exam nor marks can decide the talent and potential of a student..

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  4. In most Asian culture getting good grades, attending the best universities and schools is a priority and it is overwhelming and stressful but most students commit suicide from bullying. I went back to school to further my nursing and it is stressful with exams, clinicals, and working. Yes some professors/teachers will give so much stuff to do but other teachers are understanding and is available when you need their help.

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    1. It happens….I experienced this. Exams are always overwhelming…..
      I wish that If all teachers were understanding and loyal to students….😢.
      Anyways, anything can’t be so perfect. Be positive.☺
      Thanks much for spending time over here and for ur precious comment….❤❤😘😘

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  5. As a student myself I can say that it is not a great way to test kids. I have two tests coming up which are stressful enough and they don’t even count for GCSE. Plus with my life being a chaotic mess it’s not what i need to be dealing and I know I’m not the only one. Glad some teachers understand 🙂

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    1. Please don’t fry up your head…..Enjoy every single moment of life…..
      That is everything…..🙂
      I wish I could stop all your stress and anxiety jumping over your head….
      But my words can make you mentally strong……🤗🤗
      I hope so.. ❤❤😘😘.

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      1. Sorry I take a while to reply but I am not gonna lie I was playing Mario Karts with my friend lol 😂 but thank you for helping me 🖤 xx

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