Hi friends!

Hope you’re doing well in your life.πŸ™‚

Well, I’m missing you and the blogging so much. I wish I could communicate with you every single day but life doesn’t play the same game consistently. That’s why the things have been changed a little for me. Anxiety attacks are hitting me with more power to knock me down. Life has reached me in a situation which I haven’t had yet. It illusions me that there’s no way to go further. But I know it’s not possible. There’s always a way, it’s just an illusion of clouds.

I love to communicate with my students. I love to share the knowledge with them but I can’t see them using that knowledge in a way that it shouldn’t be as it leads them to their own destruction. Leaving their own nation and tradition behind will cause severe harm to that country. I can Imagine this, but it feels like a lot of needles stabbing directly in my heart watching the scenario. As I’m a Patriot, I can’t see the people going to another country for the sake of a high standard living.

Should I teach my students wrongly so that they couldn’t pass the exam and couldn’t go to any other country? Should I tell them directly that you’re doing the loss of your own country? Should I quit this somehow interesting job of a teacher as I’m not doing well as it’s forming anxiety attacks in my mind?


I love the teenagers, the youth. But I’m sad that their focus is grounding on a country destruction way. It feels like I’m supposed to change something. I don’t know how to deal with it. Whenever any student comes to me for some kind of help, my brain alerts me the way that I shouldn’t help him as he’s going on the way I criticize and refused to walk upon. However, I control the emotions and give my all to give him the best solution.

If I decide to quit the job, then I have no other option left except laboring in the factories. In between, an another anxiety attack collide with my thoughts that I’m unable to pursue my dreams due to 9 to 5 race.

I think we all have been passed by this situation. Even intense than this. As it’s just the part of life. I somehow hold myself back and come back to normal. I tell myself that I’m gonna miss those anxiety attacks in future, that’s why I’m facing them. Maybe it helps to stay positive. What you think??

Thank you!

B. M.


  1. Ok, there’s always a positive side to things. Here’s one: When your students are well educated and leave to another country, their knowledge will reflect upon their homeland. like, a bing number of X students go to Y country, Y country will have a different view of the people in country X.
    I hope this help boost you some. Sorry about the anxiety, they can be fierce and make even the strongest bow. Wishing you well, my friend.

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    1. I understand ur point,
      But I wish.
      I wish If it’s happening….
      I’m not saying that they shouldn’t go abroad…….
      But the Intention and the way they are going is noxious….
      They come there and shout that their country is Bad. Don’t go there. We hate her.
      They go just for study but they never come back…..Even some live there illegally as they’re afraid of their own country.
      It’s happening because their thinking have been totally changed towards their country. They don’t want to know her History, the people who sacrificed the lives to give them freedom…….
      Nd It’s a Huge Negative Impact I think……😞
      Suppose, If you disrespect your country and praise the other one, how would it feels like??….!!…

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  2. Mam as I am also a student, same thoughts arise in my mind because here is nothing fair and the common thing seen by me here is just partiality or corruption. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t love my country

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    1. Well, I’m a Sir, not a Mam. 😁😁
      Well, You say that you love your country. It may possibly an excuse.
      The people already have migrated there just to say the same thing, “Still we love our country.” But somehow, It’s out of the believe.


  3. Sounds like you fight your strongest urges, I see that as a strength. If you can put your own feelings aside and do what is right, you are strong and noble. Possibly, why you can’t understand anyone who just concedes and takes an easier path. Just an obseevation,since I don’t personally know you.

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    1. Undoubtedly, It’s an easy way. But the problem with me is Patriotism. I’m just too much love my country and can’t see the people leaving it and decreasing its economy.
      Thank you so much for your positive words and spending time over here. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚β€

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