An Introduction to Life.

No matter how many quotes have you read in all of your life. No matter how many motivational videos have you watched so far. No matter how closely you have seen some people sinking in the waters of anxiety. No matter how close was your relation with them.

Until it comes on you. Until you face it, until you experience it in your real life. Until the life hits you with a severe punch,… can never know what truly is that about what other people are talking relentlessly. For example – Anxiety, Stress, Worn out, Depression, Dilemma or even some kind of positive thing like Confidence.

Suppose a comedian. He always makes people laugh and gives a message after every single performance that ‘Be happy, Enjoy every second of life.’ Several years later, life surprised him with a gift of heart cancer. Suddenly, he becomes so numb and negative as he can no longer live more. Now, what about the message he gave to millions of people??… Did he stay on his words??….


That’s how life plays. That’s how you come to know in reality what life is about. That’s the point where you understand the true meaning of ‘Be happy. Enjoy every single second of life.’

Maybe you have seen many successful people giving speeches about their own life experience that what the hardships they faced and how they become what they are today. But only he and ONLY HE knows how he made it. He tries to tell all the people that ‘Nothing is Impossible, Nothing is Impossible. You can do this if you believe.’ But the other people are unable to listen to this. To experience this. They can, but only when the life herself drives them to those situations. That’s the law of nature. Interesting na?!!..

Life will always be a mystery for you until you find death. You’re nothing but just a mass of some bones which is driven by life herself. It’s her own choice to take whatever destination, whatever place.

She always tries to beat you and keep you down. But that’s her nature and play. You have to play with her the way she does with you. Try out the things which life can’t expect from you. So it freaked her out and she would play according to you.

There are a lot of perspectives regarding motivation. From one perspective, It is useless to motivate someone by sharing your own journey. How could they know what YOU have experienced??… How could they know, how YOU coped up with the things??….. Let them run according to their own choice. Life will guide them accordingly.

Do you agree with what I said?… Or I’m wrong somewhere? Let me know.

Thank you!

B. M.


  1. Yeah you don’t understand something until it hits you hard in the leg like sit up equipment in the park making you fall over on the floor and laugh because you have a sugar rush (definitely did not happen to me yesterday). But quotes sometimes sum up your life in words you didn’t yet understand

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