|| Simple is always Complicated ||

Be simple.

Simple living high thinking.

Keep it real, keep it simple.

But, what the simple really is? Before knowing the depth of these quotes, one has to know about the depth of the word ‘Simple’. The definitions of ‘Simple’ vary in a million ways what’s make it the most complicated word of the world. According to one definition in a dictionary, ‘Simple’ is a person “lacking intelligence or common sense.”

If this definition really is true, then we can consider Steve Jobs, Einstein and Disney as ‘Unintelligent’. From one point of view (viewpoint of people), It is true. But being Unintelligent, they changed the whole world with their Simplicity. They are the true example of the Quote “Simple living, high thinking.”


Another definition of this word says, “lacking logic and not complicated” Indeed, things which do not have logic are ‘Simple’. The one thing which has not been added anywhere regarding this word is that the rules of Nature and the whole Universe is Simple but having unlimited logics. The fact is that the collection of complicated logics is known as a ‘Simple thing’. To simplify it, take the example of ‘Satisfaction in Life’. Being Satisfied in Life is so easy and simple but contains a lot of complicated things. For a lot of people, that’s why it is labyrinthine. It is not so for them who already are Simple (a virtue is given by Nature) but on the contrary, these people are perceived by the whole world as ‘Non-Logical’ or In other words, ‘having lack of Intelligence’. So, If people treat you in this way, don’t be negative that you lack Intelligence. It’s only because you’re Simple (a stock of Intelligence). They’ll get it later.

The word ‘Simple’ is always complicated and boring for those who are familiar with complex systems. To understand any Simple thing (on Intellectual level), they make that thing Complicated to solve it by their own complex solutions. As a result, they trapped in the web of their own threads (thoughts).

Always remember a thing, Simplicity is a rational virtue. There’s nothing to do with outside. Your outer lifestyle is totally up to you. It can be Simple, It can be luxury. It doesn’t affect anything except people’s perspective. However, your Simplicity can be evidenced by the people on the basis of the reflection it gives to the opposite side, that is, your communication skill.

So how much do you agree and disagree with this Concept of Simplicity?

What’s the meaning of ‘Simple’ to you?

Please share your valuable opinions on this (as you always do 🤗).

I’ll be so thankful to you… ❤🌷

Thanks for reading.

B. M.


      1. That’s the point I have in common for all things….
        Any concept, any word means to you that, how you see it…..
        It depends on the point of view….
        Thanks a lot Katherine for stopping by here ☺☺🌷🌷❤❤😘

        Liked by 1 person

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