|| My hobbies and Interests ||Section 2

After getting a good response to my previous post about hobbies and Interests, I decided to make up the second section of the same and explain all of my other hobbies. I hope you’d enjoy this as like as you did the first one. πŸ€—….

So here we go again –

So far I have explained these Interests –

1. EDM Production

2. Hip Hop Music

3. Poetry

4. Songwriting

5. Listening EDM

6. Blogging

7. Photo Editing

8. Video Editing

9. Photography

10. Digital Art

11. Graphics Designing

12. Logo Designing

13. Calligraphy

And this is the list of this section’s content –

14. Psychology + Neuropsychology

15. Philosophy

16. Analysis

17. Sexology + Human Sexuality

18. Cricket

19. Traveling by Bus

20. Walking

21. Beatboxing

22. Graphology (a little)

23. Gynaecology (a little)

24. Essay Writing (latest)

25. Arrows (latest)
14. Psychology + Neuropsychology. A Nat Geo show ‘Brain Games’ is been one of my favourite TV show. I love to know about those Interesting facts about human brain which led me to know more about this field and I just fascinated by the human brain and mind study. I’m still unaware about the formal names of conditions or functions of human brain, but I love to collect more and more Information about this subject. Certainly, I will later know deeply about this term. One another fact involved here is that I analyse my mind and thoughts so much. Just like 24×7. It’s my habit that I trace my thoughts every moment of the day.
15. Philosophy. It’s something related to the period of time when I used to spend most of my time in meditation of the Name of God. It’s something really personal which I would not share now but might be in future.
16. Analysis. As I mentioned earlier that I analyse my mind every time. Just like that, I analyse every outer world thing in the same way. Whenever I have to take an Important decision or do something Important in a period of time, I analyse every single aspect and every possible outcome of the step I have to take. I still remember those days of school when I do self study and prepare for exams in a well planned way. Even sometimes, I schedule a single day that what I’m supposed to do in the whole day. I love to do analysis of my blog also and the sites where I write as an author.πŸ˜‰
17. Sexology + Human Sexuality. At some point in my life, I was struggling with a weird problem and that was the ‘over masturbation’. I know it sounds strange but I actually have had it. Somehow, It was depressing and negative for me and I wanted to eliminate the masturbation from my life forever (Obviously, not a good solution). One day, I was scrolling on the Youtube just like normal. Sandeep Maheshwari is a well known motivational speaker and photographer from India. I watch his lectures on Youtube, but not too often. That day, I found one of his video lecture based on the same topic what I’m struggling with. He explained that It is not a problem. Anything in life becomes a problem when we lose control over it. You can control this only by understanding and analysing your thoughts when you do that particular thing.


After watching that video, my thinking totally has changed for that thing and I started to analyze my thoughts and perception more deeply. Going one step further, I also began to understand the science behind the human lust, orgasms, desire for sex and all that stuff. But I never knew that it is called Sexology, the things which I’m interested in. I later discovered this and further, the second one, human sexuality. Sexology is fascinating as same as the Psychology. You also can combine both and find the ‘Psychology behind Sex’ πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰……..
18. Cricket. Cricket is my favorite sport and It is played in India like a religion. I have been watching Cricket matches since my childhood and I still love to. However, I’m no longer playing cricket now, because of hectic life πŸ˜’…. At least I will try to watch this game for as long as I could.
19. Traveling by Bus. If I have a luxury car like Mercedes and a public bus to go any near or far destination, then I will definitely choose the bus. 😝….There are two reasons – Buses are my favorite means of traveling. And the second one is – I don’t feel comfortable in the cars regardless the companies and the facilities of the car. However, I had the heaving problem during my childhood when I would travel on the bus.
20. Walking. Walking is my old hobby. My brain becomes more creative when I go somewhere just by walking. I’m not here talking about only the morning walk. I love every kind of walking. It happens with me so often that if I have any kind of problem related to my life or any projects or time management, there are more bright chances of getting the solution during a walk. Walking is a total refreshment to me πŸ˜‰
21. Beatboxing. Beatboxing is the art of producing weird and unique sounds just by using the human body vocal system. Beatboxing is so much Interesting but also quite tough. I came across this term randomly on Youtube. I’m actually not learning the beatboxing but It’s one of my tool to produce electronic melodies in a song. I generate the note progression of a melody by using the basic voices of my throat. Then I try to make the complete melody in the music software out of that progression. I also have a habit that I sync with any particular song by generating the melodies of that song by doing the beatboxing. It is the thing which I don’t need to remember that It’s my hobby and I have to give time to it. It’s just like any natural activity.
22. Graphology. Graphology is the term that studies the psychology of handwriting in order to infer the personal character of the person. One and a half year back, I was seriously involved in this field and study it profoundly. But then later, I dropped interest in Graphology due to some personal problems. I discovered this term when I wanted to change my handwriting, by the way. I still am interested in this, but not too much now.
23. Gynecology. It is also called the science of the woman body. Since I’m really interested in females, so I find this a bit Interesting. But It was not for too long. Actually my first and last girlfriend wanted to become a Gynaecologist, so she told me about this term and I found it useful for me. But after break up, I lost Interest in this and never read any further piece of information after that. Nonetheless, I’m interested in every single aspect of a woman’s life, so still want to know about her biology πŸ˜‰…
24. Essay Writing. I’m blogging since February 2018, so It’s time to dig deeper. I started to write formal essays also and I found it really joyful. Now I have more work to do, that’s why I’m not posting anything from last few days.
25. Arrows. Just like walking, darting is super relaxing and improves the focus a lot. I’m planning to add this activity regularly in my routine. I like it very much however I’m not really good at it as I started to play this from the last few weeks.

So, these are all of my hobbies and all of the interests of my life. So far I have developed my interest in these 25 fields and I hope I will find more fascinating fields and get more and more knowledge about them. (Maybe the Astronomy will be my next interest πŸ˜‰..)

I hope you have enjoyed knowing about my life and the stuff I do in my life. I really appreciate the support you gave me for my writings…..

Thanks a million for that..πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.

Thank you!

B. M.


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