|| Life’s always unexpected ||

It doesn’t matter if you have fully understood that how life will deal with you in the coming time. Still, only those things will happen which you may not have expected to happen in your life. This is the way of life by which it reveals herself to you that who she really is and why she has uncountable definitions.

You read hundreds of inspirational blog posts each day, watch many motivational videos, see the life of your closest ones, but it’s mere dust before your own route of life. Nothing’s gonna help you out. Not even your own people, then how can the texts and visuals?….

Now the question arises, who’s gonna help you out then?…… Well, the answer is pretty simple and common. You are the only support of yourself. But hey wait!

This article is not about the same old story of you and yourself thingy. Now you have read it here that you are the only support of yourself but it’s certain that you won’t understand. Because, how can you tell the taste of a dish just by hearing its name?… It’s impossible. When you’ll taste it by yourself, only then you will know it.

close up of leaf
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The blog posts you read and videos you watch from the people are just the rumors about that dish. Nobody can actually tell you how its taste is! But don’t worry, one day you will taste it and know the truth behind it. Eventually, you will discover that all those rumors were wrong as well as right. Nothing can be explained about life. Everyone explains his own. For a minute, off your eyes from the screen and look around…….Who can understand you better than you? The relationships you are relying on are not forever. They’ll change with respect to the time and eventually turn into dust.

I explained this in the words of an atheist. In case if you’re a theist, replace the word “You” by “God”. God alone will stand with you because he’s the creator of everyone’s life.

So, have you tasted the dish or yet too young?

Let me know in the comments if you have read this. (Not just liked)

Thank you!

B. M.


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