Do you believe?

Do you believe that believe is an unbelievably powerful thing? Whatever we believe, It is believed that it happens to us certainly. There’s one thing related to the term believe, and it is ‘Knowledge’. It can be of any kind.

We believe in several definitions, concepts and theories of science which are related to our common life. Millions of researches have been conducted on millions of concepts in different fields and they are not over yet. Researches prove the statements and discover new statements and spread knowledge about that particular subject. Then it reaches to people and people believe that it is true because a research has been conducted by a team of professors at Harvard University or somewhere. Thus, it is true…

But do you believe that getting more knowledge and believing on that knowledge cause a little harm to humans?… It sounds absurd, but I believe this however.

In the last few decades, many diseases have been discovered by medical science. Also, from the last few decades, the number of people having any kind of disease has also been increased. Can you see any relation between these two things? Science discovered the diseases along with causes and symptoms. Then people come to know about these diseases that how they spread? This information went directly into their brains (obviously) and become a believe that if they do this, This will happen. So logically, they are more likely to get affected by that disease about what they know a little deeper than those, who even don’t hear its name. Unfortunately, It is slightly less useful to get more knowledge.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹

The trick is how you handle your believes and knowledge. To stop believe and stop getting would not be the solution.

Do you agree with this post?

What are your believes on believe?

Let me know in the comments…πŸ™‚

Thank you!

B. M.


  1. I read a book called The power of Subconscious Mind by j Murphy.

    He also stated that if “a person “says that you will die in 7 days and you are in constant fear for it, then your mind will take the cause and it will make you dead, if not physically then mentally.
    Whereas, if you are a chill gye like me, then you show a πŸ–• to him.
    Loved your Post and thank you for make me remember that book!!

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