|| The past is becoming future of the earth. Here’s how ||

The earth is going back to its past since the year 1800. It indicates that whatever was happened to the earth in the past, will happen with her again. Since every living creature has its own life cycle and the earth itself resembles the whole creatures' life. Thus she's a living creature too and have a life span.

Heading towards the extinction

Make up your mind, Make up your Soul.


​WE have less than 1,000 years to escape planet earth or face extinction

– Professor Stephen Hawking.

I read this in the newspaper last week and It was enough for my mind to start brainstorming, Why one of the world’s smartest man is saying that the future of humanity lies in space !? why he said that we must plan our escape over the next few centuries !? Is human race is going to extinct? Will it extinct? Whether I will get a chance to see human colonies on other planets in my lifespan or not? { Ya I think a lot }

And I read one more news today which made me think:  do we really have 1,000 years ? or we have just 100 or fewer years? 

The news was :

“We estimate that Pakistan now has a nuclear weapons stockpile of 130-140 warheads ” said the…

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|| A unique way to deal with depression and anxiety ||

Experiences like intense anxiety and depression are just the phases of time and manifesting us their existence in our life. They remind us that the life is the greatest variable in the universe. A life resembles millions of experiences that happen with a human being.